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The Cindy Marten 666 Indoctrination Institute!!!

District Deeds has learned from multiple district sources that San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Superintendent Cindy Marten is planning on secretly launching something called the “Aspiring Principal Institute”.  From the reaction of the Board of Education Trustees, apparently they had not been informed of her secret plans…again.

Our sources report that Marten secretly hand-picked 30 SDUSD employees and notified them that they had been Chosen to attend an indoctrination camp taught by 6 of Martens’ inner circle cronies who will be delivering her dysfunctional message on 6 subjects on 6 consecutive Saturdays.

The reward for perfect indoctrination camp attendance is that those Chosen get preferential treatment when applying for Principal positions, even over those applicants who were not chosen to attend with better educator credentials.


6 Cronies + 6 Sessions + 6 Days = “666 Institute”

As far as our sources know, this new 666 Institute run by Marten cronies has no accreditation, no link to established Principal professional development systems, and no value outside of the SDUSD.

Basically the 30 Chosen will spend 6 days of unpaid training on how to act and think like Cindy Marten…to become Marten Acolytes.

The “Chosen” are victims of the Marten scheme just as much as the rest of the SDUSD employees excluded…how do the “Chosen” refuse to drink the Marten Kool Aid and reject the Marten indoctrination camp without risking the typical Marten retribution?


Marten launching the 666 Institute is just another version of SDUSD lack of transparency and inequity.  The result is the Marten ordained “Haves” rewarded again and the SDUSD Employee have-nots left behind to fend for themselves.

District Deeds and all SDUSD Stakeholders including SDUSD Trustees Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Evans, Mike McQuary and Sharon Whitehurst Payne need to know:

  • Why did Marten keep the Institute plan a secret from the Board of Education and all District Stakeholders?
  • Why was the selection process secret?
  • Who are the Chosen?
  • Who are the instructors and what makes them qualified to teach the secret curriculum?
  • What is the secret curriculum for each of the 6 sessions?
  • Why were hundreds of current SDUSD employees excluded?
  • Does this preferential hiring practice violate any union contract, district, state or federal employment guidelines, statutes or laws?

We are trying to acquire one of the 30 Top Secret email documents to provide for our readers review.

District Deeds will publish the email if and when we get it…Stay Tuned!!!



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FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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