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How a School that Serves Mostly Homeless Kids is Matching its District’s Graduation Rate

 – The Hechinger Report

Audio Quote from Article:

Broome Street Academy has a relaxed, but structured feel. Students are required to wear collared golf shirts sporting the school’s logo, but can pair the shirts with any pants or skirts they choose. A sign by the stairs announces: “You Don’t Have to Know Where You Are, But You Have to Have a Pass,” which seems particularly apt for students who may not know where they are spending the night. In between classes, students call out to each other: “Give me a hug,” or “You hanging out with me later?” Hanging out often means jamming in the building’s recording studio, making beaded bracelets in the art room or taking a poetry class on the first floor — all activities available after school. Students can even grab a bite to eat; dinner is served in the cafeteria at 5:30 p.m.

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District Deeds Synopsis:

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, “In all, San Diego Unified had 7,326 students classified as homeless, or 5.7 percent of its population.” in 2017.

Here is the page for the support of homeless students from the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) website:

The SDUSD website talks a lot about the legal requirements of the district but very little about human supports being supplied to homeless students like the ones described in this article.  We know there are many Principals, Teachers, Counselors and other district personnel that voluntarily provide food, supplies and special considerations out of their own pockets for those students.

What is dismaying is that there is no evidence provided  on the district website that the special social and emotional supports for homeless youth, like the ones shown in the article,  are a priority in any coherent fashion by the current leadership of the SDUSD.

The moral and ethical requirements to have a clear plan to support SDUSD homeless youth seems to be beyond the understanding, abilities and concerns of the current SDUSD administration,

How sad.

– The Fordham Institute

Quote from Article:

Among high school students who consider dropping out, half cite lack of engagement with the school as a primary reason, and 42 percent report that they don’t see value in the schoolwork they are asked to do. In What Teens Want: A National Survey of High School Student Engagement, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Crux Research tackle the question of what truly motivates and engages students in high school.

Our nationally representative survey of over two thousand high schoolers in traditional public, charter, and private schools finds that nearly all students report being motivated to apply themselves academically, but they also primarily engage in school through different levers. Specifically, we identified six subgroups of students with varying engagement profiles: (Hover over each illustration to read their characteristics!)

Subject Lovers


Hand Raisers

Social Butterflies

Teacher Responders

Deep Thinkers

District Deeds Synopsis:

A fascinating study that contains too much information to capsulize in a brief synopsis.

One of the most interesting parts of this study is discussing the results with your children and their friends to see what traits they recognize in themselves….and also what the researchers apparently completely missed.

Like may studies we review, there is a level of generalization that is unsettling to District Deeds since we know that students in the real world never perfectly fit a profile of what a researcher decides as “significant”

In any case, an interesting study that could fuel many conversations with your family and colleagues.

How Will Education Change In 25 Years?

– Newsweek

Quote from Article:

Welcome to year 2042. You walk off a plane from Europe—thanks to cheap airfare—and hail a self-driving vehicle to take you to campus. There is little to no traffic because self-driving cars are able to perfectly anticipate traffic patterns, avoid collisions, and have supreme GPS systems. You walk onto campus and enter into a store with no cashier. Instead, you scan your phone and grab whatever you want off the shelf and it auto charges your card. You walk to class as the glasses/lenses you wear are showing the messages/videos/pictures that are coming through. Communication is easier than ever before. Voice chat is perfected and you’re able to respond simple responses (e.g., yes, no, maybe) through eye movement. The launch of thought text is right around the corner.

District Deeds Synopsis:

We thought that a little lighter reading was in order after the 84 page study by the Fordham Intitute we posted above.

The article is actually an answer from a Quora reader and includes some pretty interesting assumptions and conclusions.  One of the more outlandish predictions is the following:

“Think the classrooms will be taught by teachers/professors? Likely not. Especially at lower levels of education, robots will be supreme and will be able to perfect learning.”

WOW!  In our humble opinion, the art and science of teaching, especially at lower levels, can never be replicated by a replicant…NEVER.

In the spirit of robots and artificial intelligence, here is our quote of the week:

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

– Stephen Hawking

On that note…Have a Great Week!!!


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