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Here are some interesting articles District Deeds received and discovered during the past week…


Don’t bother calling Congress 

– Boston Globe

Quote from Article: 

I conducted an experiment on hundreds of state legislators in the United States, randomly assigning each to one of four groups. Some of these legislators were asked to imagine what they would do if they received six e-mails about a hypothetical bill (a lower volume of e-mails). Others were asked what they would do if they received 60 e-mails about a hypothetical bill (a higher volume of e-mails). One hypothetical bill was about gun control (a higher-attention issue); the other was about the labeling of genetically modified foods (a lower-attention issue).

The results weren’t promising for people who believe that constituent contact alters policy. On the high-attention issue, there was no difference in support between the legislators who received the high volume of e-mails and those who received the low volume of e-mails.

More troubling, on the lower-attention issue, support for the bill was actually lower among the legislators who were told that they received more e-mails. The difference here was quite substantial. Support among those legislators who were told they had received more e-mails was half that of those who were told they had received fewer e-mails.

District Deeds Synopsis:

This article verifies what many San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders already know about elected officials (like Board of Education Members)…and even appointed officials (like Superintendents).

No amount of emails, petitions, phone calls, town halls, cluster meetings or 1 minute “public comments’ at Board meetings will get the desired result from the current SDUSD Board of Education or Superintendent.

It is their way or the highway!

Ask Community Stakeholders on the Principal selection committee from Lincoln High who chose their current Vice Principal to be their new Principal and were rejected.

Ask Community Stakeholders from Scripps Ranch about the Innovations Academy/Scripps Mesa property and who have been ignored for months.

Ask the over 1,000 SDUSD Stakeholders who signed the petition against the current sex education curriculum.

Ask members of the SSC, DAC, DELAC, CAC, GATE, Cluster and other SDUSD Community groups how often they are asked to runner stamp a decision that already has been made over the last 4 years.

Ask the thousands of SDUSD employees, students and families who protested against the hundreds of layoffs caused by Superintendent Marten’s financial and operational mismanagement.

Clearly the current Board and Superintendent don’t want to bother with SDUSD Stakeholders opinions except when they need to check off a “community engagement” box to get money from the State or the Federal Governments or for a “photo-op” to pretend they actually have community support.

Young, gifted, and black? Prepare to fight for your education

– Courtney McKinney Blog

Quote from Article: 

Earlier this year, Vanderbilt University researchers published a study showing that even with the same test scores, black students are offered entry into talented and gifted programs far less often than their white peers. When a friend of mine who works in higher education posted the study on her social media feed, I was reminded of my own story, and how my mom’s advocacy landed me first in private school, then in the talented and gifted program in public school years later. I shared my story in the comments section, and scrolled through the comments her other friends made. It was all there—a self-selecting group of high-achieving people of color, all with their own stories of being pushed under by the education system, and only making it out because of the advocacy of their parents.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Good article and study about the struggles of the parents of gifted black students to get admitted to talented and gifted programs.

In the SDUSD, changes have been made this year to the selection process according to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune:

“The population of gifted and highly gifted second-graders dropped to about 22 percent this school year, down from just over 33 percent in 2013-14, under the new test that determines admission into “Gifted And Talented Education” classes.”   That’s a dramatic decrease.”

According to Channel 7/39 San Diego there is new selection criteria:

“The district will now begin to transition to the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), which will alter the way students are selected as ‘gifted’. School officials will use the results from that test and take other factors, such as teacher and parent input as well as economic challenges and transiency.”

Unfortunately since the new test will use “other factors” that can be manipulated by SDUSD leadership to make the “data” look good (like the manipulated graduation rates), it is even MORE likely that student populations who traditionally have less time, money and education to advocate for their kids, GATE placement via “parent input” for those gifted kids will be neglected in the process.

To top it off, with GATE we have to deal with inept SDUSD leadership like Trustee John Lee Evans quoted in the UT article:

It must be something in the water,” said San Diego school board trustee John Lee Evans, a psychologist who has been critical of the GATE program. “What’s happened this year is a good first step in the reform process. It’s more important to educate and challenge every child than it is to categorize them or segregate them.”


A Trustee and Psychologist who is seemingly opposed to “categorizing” or “segregating” by intelligence our gifted students in SDUSD schools, ignoring all the studies supporting special strategies required for GATE students!!!

With that strange comment, it’s obvious Dr. Evans has been drinking the “leaded” Kool Aid in the Education Center on Normal Street

Some District Deeds advice to Dr. Evans:

Physician Heal Thyself – – Switch to “Unleaded”!!!


Student Absenteeism: Three New Studies to Know


Quote from Article: 

The (Bus) Route to Better Attendance

It comes down to logistics and routines,” Gottfried said. “The school bus is an easy lever. If the bus comes every day at 7 o’clock, you [as a parent] are more likely to get your kid ready to get on that bus” than if the parents had to drive or walk the child themselves. 

The findings come as more districts cut back on bussing to save money, and Gottfried suggested that administrators who need to change their transportation should plan ways to recreate the “bus affect” for students who would no longer take the bus. That might mean helping parents sign up for a “walking bus” or “biking bus,” in which parents take turns leading groups of students to school.

  • Little Absences Add Up

“If you are just looking at full-day absences, you are not capturing all of the students who are at risk,” Whitney said. 

Moreover, while more than half of the district’s full-day absences were excused—including extracurricular trips, for example—more than 9 in 10 of the partial absences were not excused.

“Students are choosing their subjects. They do attend their core classes [reading and math] at a higher rate than their noncore classes,” Whitney said, “but it is paralleling which classes they like the most. They miss social studies classes the least, math classes the most.”

  • Getting an Early Warning

Chronic absenteeism—missing 10 percent or more of the available school days—has been found to predict students’ later grades and the likelihood of dropping out of school. One new study by the Regional Educational Laboratory Midwest suggests early-warning systems can help school officials catch students who start to miss early in the year before they fully go off track.

District Deeds Synopsis:

The three studies are fascinating, especially the 2nd study regarding busing.

As the SDUSD continues to eliminate busing to force students to go to their under-performing neighborhood schools as part of the ridiculously blurry SDUSD Vision 2020 “Quality School in Every Neighborhood”…not only will the SDUSD force parents without money and transportation to “shop” for a better Charter School in their neighborhood and ultimately lose MORE SDUSD students, but also decrease attendance  of the students who actually are trying to get to SDUSD schools by other means with the elimination of busing.

To save money on busing, Supt. Marten is willing to lose students and lower atendance, thereby LOSING California State Average Daily Attendance(ADA) funds…which leads us to the quote of the week:

“If by covetousnesse or negligence, one withdraw from them their ordinary foode, he shall be penny wise, and pound foolish.”

 “The Historie of Foure-footed Beastes” – Edward Topsell

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