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It is AMAZING what we ALL have been able to do with our $100 annual budget over the last 2 years…and there are THOUSANDS of people to thank!

We especially want to thank HUNDREDS of San Diego Unified Stakeholders who have bravely and willingly provided information to District Deeds at the risk of their careers and retribution from Superintendent Cindy Marten and the Board of Education!!!

$100 vs $1.2 BILLION

It has been 2 years ago today, June 26, 2014, that I decided to launch District Deeds.  The first post was titled “Waiting for Super…er…The San Diego Unified School Board to Reassign Principal Lizarraga to SCPA

As a parent I was still in shock of having our highly skilled and collaborative Principal Mitzi Lizarraga ripped from our school site 2 days before my daughter graduated.

But I was still hopeful.

Hopeful Superintendent Cindy Marten would reconsider and put Principal Lizarraga back in charge at SCPA for my son and his fellow classmates.

Hopeful Superintendent Cindy Marten would have the ethical fortitude to withstand pressure from a corrupt Board Member Marne Foster.

Hopeful that Superintendent Cindy Marten would actually follow her motto of “Work Hard. Be Kind. Dream Big.  No Excuses” and reinstate Principal Lizarraga for the benefit of ALL the students at SCPA…and to prove that she was worthy of our trust.

All of the SCPA Stakeholders – Teachers, Parents, Students, Staff, Community Members – and even former Board Members and Senior Staff attended San Diego Unified Board of Education meetings and BEGGED Superintendent Marten and the Board to rescind the removal of Principal Lizarraga.

We even created a petition and gathered over 300 signatures in less than 2 weeks to Keep Mitzi Lizarraga as SCPA Principal!

As a result of that post, the San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders began to reach out to me and tell me their “Horror Stories”.

I learned that the Principal at Lincoln High School, Dr. Esther Omogbehin, was removed with similar improper tactics which prompted me to write the FIRST story about the involvement of Marten and Foster at SCPA, a full month before it was covered anywhere in the San Diego “Professional” media, as follows:

Reportedly had frequent conflicts with a specific Board Member who operationally interfered via direct action and intimidation into operational issues forbidden by the SDUSD Board Bylaws (http://www.sandi.net/domain/442) Governance Culture GC7, 1c, 2a, 2b  – Lincoln and SCPA…The “Smoking Gun”? – 6/29/16

I quickly realized that Marten and the Board of Education were involved in an corruption cover up and were not to be trusted…and I committed to them that I would be relentless in pursuing the truth,

Obviously, Superintendent Cindy Marten didn’t listen to any of the San Diego Unified and City of San Diego Stakeholders.  To serve herself and her co-conspirator Trustee Marne Foster, Cindy Marten intentionally betrayed ALL SDUSD Stakeholders and Taxpayers.  Marten could no longer be trusted to lead the SDUSD.

Superintendent Cindy Marten did not follow her fake motto of “Work Hard. Be Kind. Dream Big.  No Excuses”.

Marten only “Worked Hard” to cover up her corrupt activities with disgraced Ex-Trustee Marne Foster

Marten was not “Kind” but extremely cruel to all of the Students at SCPA by not reinstating Principal Lizarraga and “Dreamed Small” by replacing her with an individual with virtually no school site administrative experience.

And then all Marten did was “Make Excuses” and spread lies in her replies to the San Diego County Grand Jury and to the SCPA Community.

From those first few posts in June, 2014,  WE…the Guest Writers, the Whistleblowers, and the dozens of confidential informants have managed to write over 220 posts since then.

We have covered everything from Student Sexual Abuse to the fake Principal Selection Process and SDUSD Stakeholder”Fauxllaboration” to the victimizing of the neediest students and families by ignoring ELL Students and neglecting to fund REAL Restorative Justice.   

Over the last 2 years, those posts have driven nearly 100,000 views from over 100 countries worldwide:

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District Deeds 2yr Anniversary countries-page-002

We have made great progress over the last 2 years to expose the corruption of Superintendent Marten and the Board of Education.

We are the proudest of the fact that not even one of our informants have been uncovered by Marten and her cronies and punished.


We look forward many more years of helping SDUSD Stakeholders to achieve full transparency and justice for ALL of our Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Principals, and Community Members.




Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!


FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

If this news has inspired you to share important SDUSD information for a future post, please send us an email at districtdeeds@gmail.com – confidentiality is assured!

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