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During the 61 page SCPA Response “Data Dump” San Diego Unified School District Cindy Marten made a BIG DEAL of claiming Principal Mitzi Lizarraga was on a “change in leadership” list.

As I stepped into the role of Superintendent, my predecessor, Bill Kowba, provided detailed information about each of the school leaders about which he had significant concerns.

During the transition from his administration to mine, Mr. Kowba was very troubled by the flood of incidents and concerns at several schools that were brought to his attention to solve. You will see that in one communication the week of his departure, he assembled his executive team for his last cabinet meeting and discussed the next steps that should follow for each of the schools that, in his opinion, may need a change in leadership.”  

-Superintendent Cindy Marten on page 3 of the “9-29-15 Cindy Marten SCPA Support Documentation

District Deeds exposed as lies every single piece of the Marten/Foster coverup in the SCPA Response document and specifically debunked the claim that the highly skilled Principal Lizarraga at the highly successful SCPA was on a “change in leadership list.  Here is a link to the 6 part SUPT. MARTEN SCPA STATEMENT ALIBIS EXPOSED SERIES

A day ago District Deeds received the following letter from a source self-described as “A Former SDUSD (redacted)” 

The letter, from a verified and respected District Deeds source, claims that BEFORE she was appointed SDUSD Superintendent, CENTRAL ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL CINDY MARTEN WAS ACTUALLY ON THE 2013 CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP LIST!!! 

Here is the letter, redacted by District Deeds to protect the source and other innocent individuals:

letter-page-001-edited 6




Mitzi Lizarraga’s name was never on the list, but Cindy Marten’s was.

So that means…

If this letter is accurate, it was Elementary Principal CINDY MARTEN who was being considered for “Change in Leadership”… NOT Principal Mitzi Lizarraga.

District Deeds DOES NOT claim that the accusation by “A Former SDUSD (redacted)” is COMPLETELY ACCURATE, and we do not have the first list, the list that was not yet purged of Marten’s namebut obviously there is one way to get it and to prove it is accurate.

The SDUSD can release ALL the “change in leadership” emails and related documents from and to former Superintendent Kowba BEFORE FEBRUARY 27, 2013, the day Elementary Principal Cindy Marten was appointed Superintendent.

SDUSD Marten and the Board of Education were MORE THAN HAPPY to share CONFIDENTIAL SDUSD PERSONNEL INFORMATION of innocent employees.  They should be JUST AS HAPPY to share the relevant CONFIDENTIAL MARTEN PERSONNEL INFORMATION to prove the “innocence” of Cindy Marten…and with Marten’s BLESSING!


If they don’t, we all know the reason why…FOSTERGATE…which is why you should….

Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!


FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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