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Today, in a San Diego Union Tribune article by reporter Maureen Magee titled Trustee’s Son’s Free-Lunch Eligibility in Question, proof bought forth 2 months ago by District Deeds has been verified…and vindicated!

District Deeds posted on October 17, 2015, exactly 2 months ago, $110,000 Trustee Marne Foster and Her Free and Reduced Lunch and on October 30, 2015 in FREE LUNCH REPORT REVEALED! San Diego Unified’s $110,000 Trustee Marne Foster Free and Reduced Lunch HARD PROOF? YOU Be the Judge – VOTE NOW!

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In those two posts, based on emails from the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and documents provided by multiple confidential and dedicated SDUSD Stakeholders sources, we provided proof that SDUSD Trustee Marne Foster’s son was receiving Free and Reduced lunch in 2013/2014 improperly…his senior year at SCPA.

Maureen Magee of the San Diego Union Tribune has verified the information we posted and has impressively compiled a long list of violations by Trustee Foster in her article.

Here are a couple excerpts:

Blogger Frank Engle first reported that Foster’s son was listed in a September 2014 registry for the free meal program. The San Diego Union-Tribune has verified that Foster’s son remained eligible through the 2014-15 school year.

DISTRICT DEEDS EDITOR NOTE:  Eligibility for Foster’s Son was for his senior year at SCPA – the 2013-14 school year 


According to emails posted on Engle’s “District Deeds” blog, Foster sought information on a fee waiver in October 2014 from school counselors, though it’s unknown exactly what for. Students receiving subsidized meals are eligible for waivers to offset or cover the cost of some tests and the common college application.

With an annual income of about $81,000 last year ($61,434 from her position as adjunct instructor with the San Diego Community College District, $17,705 in a yearly stipend as a board member, and at least $2,000 in miscellaneous income), Foster fails to qualify for subsidized meals under guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

District Deeds THANKS the San Diego Union Tribune, Reporter Maureen Magee, our other Union Tribune contacts and ALL of the brave and selfless SDUSD Stakeholders that had the courage to trust us and share information for the betterment of ALL students in the SDUSD.

We only hope that Ms. Magee continues her investigation to include the improper assistance by Superintendent Cindy Marten in operationally supporting and approving the many Foster operational improprieties and offenses against Federal, State, County and District laws, rules and guidelines.

District Deeds also hopes that this vindication clearly illustrates that we only post the TRUTH and we keep our sources PROTECTED and FULLY CONFIDENTIAL and that will help embolden ALL SDUSD Stakeholders – Teachers, District and Site Staff, Parents, Students and Community Members -to SPEAK UP and not allow the SDUSD to cover up improper actions and decisions.

If this news has inspired you to share important SDUSD information for a future post, please send us an email at districtdeeds@gmail.com –  confidentiality is assured!



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