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The San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board has published a scathing editorial calling out the many unethical and potentially illegal action  by San Diego Unified Trustee Marne Foster in an editorial titled Foster Crosses Ethical Lines — Again and Again

Again, the PROOF of her misconduct previously posted on District Deeds played a key role in exposing her misdeeds.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Now comes another scandal suggesting why the District Attorney’s Office has launched a criminal probe of Foster. The Union-Tribune has confirmed blogger Frank Engle’s report that one of Foster’s sons was signed up for a subsidized breakfast and lunch program in the 2014-15 school year despite her having income well above eligibility limits.

EDITOR NOTE:  District Deeds correctly made the Free and Reduced Lunch claim for the 2013-14 school year, the senior year of Marne Foster’s son, not the 2014-15 school year.  The Union Tribune has been notified of their error.


Obviously, Foster deserves blame. But this episode also reflects horribly on district officials. Instead of rejecting Foster’s improper attempt to get benefits meant for poor families, they went along with it, then invoked student privacy rules in refusing to answer inquiries about Engle’s report. In a telephone interview, attorney Terry Francke, one of California’s leading experts on government openness laws, questioned that interpretation, saying the information could have been released because it was related to a district trustee’s conduct.

The “District Officials” referred to has to OBVIOUSLY include the LEADER of the SDUSD…Superintendent Cindy Marten.  So far Marten has successfully escaped ALL scrutiny and punishment from the SDUSD Board of Education for her improper operational support of Fosters improper actions.  

It is about time that Board Members Richard Barrera, Mike McQuary, Kevin Beiser, and John Lee Evans take disciplinary action toward Superintendent Cindy Marten IF they really want to begin to reestablish trust within the Stakeholder community.

REAL Justice demands that the Board make Cindy Marten accountable for her harmful actions against Teachers, Students, Principals, Staff, Parents and Community Members.

Let’s see if the Board Members have the ethics and the guts to take the required punitive disciplinary action against Marten for her role in this fiasco so, as Trustee Kevin Beiser recently told Channel 7/39, “they can move on to the district’s business

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