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San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Trustee Marne Foster is the subject of a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by the San Diego District Attorney!

According to a San Diego Union Tribune article by Maureen Magee titled “DA Investigates School Board Member Foster” apparently:

The San Diego Unified School District was served a warrant Thursday from the San Diego district attorney’s office for a criminal investigation into school board trustee Marne Foster.


Foster has been accused of using her political office for personal gain. The DA investigation will suspend an independent investigation called by the district more than 70 days ago.

District Deeds has been calling for a FULL investigation of BOTH Trustee Foster AND Supt. Cindy Marten for their improper actions at SCPA since June, 2014.  The Union Tribune article mentioned those improper actions also:

Foster has been accused of forcing the district to suspend a counselor and reassign the principal at her son’s school over an unflattering college assessment of Foster’s son. Earlier this year, San Diego Unified released documents and emails intended to explain the personnel decisions that were handed down at the popular magnet school.

Kim Abagat, the counselor who was suspended without pay for nine days over the letter, accused the district of retaliation and discrimination in a legal claim filed with the district Nov. 24. The pending complaint, which seeks in excess of $10,000 in damages.

District Deeds has pointed out numerous times that although Trustee Foster WANTED improper retribution toward Counselor Kim Abagat and Principal Mitzi Lizarraga, ONLY SUPT. CINDY MARTEN had the operational power to make it happen.  The COVER UP by Marten is fully exposed in the 6 part “MARTEN SCPA STATEMENT ALIBIS EXPOSED SERIES“.

BOTH Trustee Foster AND Supt. Cindy Marten are guilty of improper actions…actions that should get BOTH of them fired.

Let’s see if the SDUSD Board of Education and Legal Department have the ethics and fairness to prosecute BOTH Foster and Marten or if they scapegoat ONLY Marne Foster and allow Cindy Marten to escape her improper actions with no repercussions.

More to follow…

NOTE:  Quotes used in this post were accurate at 4:15 pm, 12/10/15.  Subsequently Ms. Magee updated her story and did not include the original quotes posted here.



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