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SDUSD Blackout


District Deeds watched much of the San Diego Unified Supt. Cindy Marten’s $350 Million Town Hall Meeting Scam Tuesday night…BUT YOU CAN’T…there is apparently a SDUSD initiated TOWN HALL WEBCAST BLACKOUT!

See for yourself on this webcast link.

EDITOR NOTE 11/6/15:  The Marten Town Hall Webcast Scam Blackout is now AVAILABLE – read the reasons why here!


BLACKOUTS by Marten and the SDUSD are not a new thing.  We previously exposed the SDUSD BLACKOUT of over 8 years of SDUSD BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING VIDEOS.

We tried to ALERT all SDUSD Stakeholders about Supt Marten’s Town Hall Whopper yesterday…but the turnout at the Education Center by non-District employees was miserably low.

If it makes our readers feel any better…first of all…it was NOT a REAL Town Hall Meeting…it was just an inept sales job attempt by inept Supt. Cindy Marten to shill a $350 million check from SDUSD Stakeholders and California taxpayers.

Marten and Grand Jury co-defendent Trustee Marne Foster broke virtually all seven of the guidelines of  How not to conduct a town-hall meeting” described by Melcrum, an Internal Communication firm:

  1. Reading from a script: Town halls are less formal than say, a sales meeting and must never appear scripted.
  2. “Winging it”: “Some leaders don’t prepare as they should,” Apostolico observes. This means they digress and give a convoluted message.
  3. Death by PowerPoint: Although visual prompts can help, leaders should not put too much information on their slides. Employees shouldn’t be able to say, “I could have just read this.” Slides aren’t talking points, but should illustrate the message. They aren’t the message itself.
  4. Talking at employees: Remember it’s a discussion. “It’s meant to be engaging,” Apostolico says. “The leader should be paying attention to the reactions and move along accordingly. They shouldn’t just spew out what they have to say.”
  5. Bullying to get questions: Some leaders have been known to say, “Don’t you have a question? Youmust have a question!” They can also be condescending when answering. “No question is a dumb question and they must take everyone’s concerns seriously,” Apostolico says. “Many individuals won’t have had as much time or experience with the topic as the leader.”
  6. Making up answers: “If you don’t know, say so – and that you’ll find out and get back to them,” she advises. Never lie or try to finesse an answer. Say, “I can’t give you an answer because of this or that reason.”
  7. Information overload: “Don’t try to fit too much information into one meeting. People can’t retain that much at one time. What do you really want people to remember?” Apostolico asks.

In a way SDUSD Stakeholders should be THANKFUL that they DID NOT have to listen to Marten, Foster and their gang try and shill taxpayers with their latest scam.

So far, Marten and her Board of Education enablers have refused to post the video of the FAKE Town Hall Meeting on the SDUSD website to expose their ridiculous proposal so…

To bring TRANSPARENCY to the Cindy Marten, Marne Foster, Richard Barerra and John Lee Evans scam, we tweeted during the event.  Maybe someday the video will be posted but now, since you cannot SEE the event, here is the series of District Deeds tweets DURING the event…we hope you get the true picture of what really happened:













We will keep ALL SDUSD Stakeholders informed as this scam by Cindy Marten and the SDUSD Board Members Foster, Barerra and Evans progresses.

Stay tuned!


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