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SDUSD Blackout

Picture of the Cindy Marten $350 Town Hall Scam BLACKED OUT!

SDUSD Bows to Stakeholder Pressure to Expose Supt. Marten $350 Million Town Hall Meeting Scam!

After multiple requests by San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Stakeholders and District Deeds, the SDUSD finally bowed to the pressure to expose the video of the Marten $350 million Faux Town Hall Meeting Scam.

Check it out on this webcast link.

This is the 3rd District Deeds post addressing this ridiculous proposal… we announced it originally and then called out the SDUSD for NOT broadcasting it.

Remember…the definition of “town hall meeting is as follows

A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the members of a community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice concerns and preferences for their community. A typical meeting is attended by both citizens and officials, giving everyone a chance to talk personally in a relaxed environment about the things which matter to them. Typically, the organization and leadership are minimal, encouraging people to settle their differences amicably and with help from friends.

Now you can judge for yourself if the SDUSD version of “town hall meeting” matches the actual definition or it is just a weak sales job by a weak Supt Cindy Marten and her Board cronies to misspend 350 million MORE taxpayer dollars annually with no accountability or transparency.

DISTRICT DEEDS TIP:  Check out how long it takes for “everyone having a chance to talk” in this “Town Hall Meeting – SDUSD Style”

DON’T FORGET! After you get done watching this , come back to this Blog and leave your impressions in “comments”.


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