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District Deeds has shown that San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) “Elementary School”  Supt. Cindy Marten cannot stop lying…and her newest lie is a $350 Million Fauxllaboration WHOPPER…the “Public Education Funding Town Hall and Reimagining California’s Future” tonight, November 4, 2015.

After over two disastrous and dishonest years in office where she has broken every promise and misled virtually every segment of the SDUSD Stakeholders , Marten has now invented from thin air a NEW way to pretend to promise everything to everyone without ANY commitment to actually do anything for anyone in a 10 year time frame.

Marten new scam is designed to enhance her reputation as an education funding advocate and try to get the VAST majority of San Diego County Taxpayers to promote giving her (an inept, poorly credentialed, dishonest. career hungry Elementary School Principal) a $350 million BLANK CHECK!

OBVIOUSLY District Deeds and almost everyone dedicated to improving the education of our children are in favor of more funding.  However giving millions of more dollars to a the dishonest and deceitful SDUSD Superintendent and Board to enhance their own careers and reelections is NOT going to improve the education of our children.

District Deeds has exposed Marten Fauxllaboration multiple times in the past year.

For new readers to District Deeds, here is the definition of “Fauxlaboration”:


When a person/group invites collaboration, but then only forces their own ideas in subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways.

Marten is NOTORIOUS for asking for public collaboration AFTER decisions have already been made.

Marten is just doing MORE Fauxllaboration of the same kind in this Town Hall series.

For proof, here is a quote from Marten regarding the Town Hall Meeting on San Diego Channel 51:

The funding model we have come up with…we asked our teachers, we asked parents from our PTA, we asked our administrators, we asked our classified staff, we asked our community partners and we came up collectively with a number ($350 million) that would help us deliver on this promise.

– SDUSD Supt. Cindy Marten

So for the past YEAR Marten has been hatching this propaganda campaign with all of the SDUSD Stakeholders THAT SHE CONTROLS (including the San Diego County PTA who get massive amounts of membership revenue from school sites).

Now she wants the BLIND approval and support to our state representatives in Sacramento by the VAST MAJORITY of the MISSING Stakeholders who had NO INPUT on the model…NO INPUT from ALL the Board sanctioned Advisory Committees, Groups and individuals NOT employed or subsidized by Marten and the SDUSD:

  • SSC
  • Governance
  • ELAC
  • DAC
  • CAC
  • Parents
  • Students
  • Community Members
  • Taxpayers

This typical Marten PROPAGANDA tactic…to exclude the actual users and individuals paying the bills from the IMPORTANT planning and then intentionally funneling them into predetermined “solutions”…is the DEFINITION of Marten Fauxllaboration and embodies the disgusting dishonesty of her tenure as SDUSD Superintendent.

To watch the Propaganda Campaign in action, either go to the Ballard Center at 6:30 pm tonight or watch on this webcast.

DON’T FORGET! After you get done watching, come back to this Blog and leave your impression in “comments”.


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