Marten Refuses to Talk

Marten Refuses to Talk About Losses

District Deeds was on Channel 10 San Diego tonight at 5 pm!  

To recap – Using a Public Records Request, Team 10 Investigator Allison Ash queried the San Diego Unified School District “asking for a list of all their lost or stolen goods going back five years” and found that “hundreds of items worth hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars turned up missing” at SDUSD and other Districts.

District Deeds was interviewed for a reaction to that discovery.

Despite the fact that the Channel 10 Investigator Allison Ash tried to get a comment regarding these sizable losses, Superintendent Cindy Marten refused to make a statement…much different than last Summer when you couldn’t get her out from in front of the camera (see: Hey Cindy—Wrong Field!) and her District Deeds nickname was “Spokesmodel Cindy Marten”.

Apparently the pressure of the San Diego County Grand Jury Report findings and the Lawsuit for the Cover Up of a Sexual Assault Investigation are just TOO MUCH for the insecure, inexperienced Superintendent Marten’s fragile ego.

Here is the link to the Team 10 Investigative Report broadcast:

10 News “Spike In School Tech Thefts”

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