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TheRestof Story

In a Voice of San Diego article by Mario Koran titled “Everything We Know About What Went Down at the School of Creative and Performing Arts” MOST of the REAL story about the improper interventions at SCPA by Trustee Marne Foster were effectively detailed.

Given the constraints of traditional journalism, Mario Koran did an admirable job of listing the events in chronological order with enough detail to keep readers interested.

District Deeds was created to give SDUSD Stakeholders the COMPLETE story.  We have the luxury of space and time that allow us to dig deeper into the details that may be uninteresting to the casual observer of SDUSD activities but ARE CRITICAL to the SDUSD Stakeholder that needs to recognize signs of improprieties AT THEIR SCHOOL SITE OR DISTRICT LOCATION.

TO THAT END, As a new Feature on District Deeds, we have created “THE REST OF THE STORY”.

So we urge you to read the Mario Koran article in VOSD and then read THE REST OF THE STORY below!

Here are the points that either were not included or were not deeply reported in the Timeline presented in the VOSD article:

  • Cindy Marten’s improper involvement operationally was totally glossed over.

I know from confidential sources that Marten presented erroneous information and untrue “facts” to the Board when questioned about the removal of Principal Lizarraga.  This provided the “cover” of Board support that was neccesary to remove Principal Lizarraga.

The VOSD story DID NOT fully address the improper operational support by Marten and Lamont Jackson from a SINGLE Trustee improper intervention at a SCHOOL SITE.  According to SDUSD Governance, School Site oversight is the realm of the SUPERINTENDENT ALONE.  Board Members ACT AS A GROUP to make site changes and NO INDIVIDUAL BOARD MEMBER can command or direct the Superintendent to take action.  To be clear: Marten took direct orders from Foster to eliminate Principal Lizarraga, did NOT inform the rest of the Trustees about Fosters improper requests and used Lamont Jackson as the operational vehicle to carry it out.  There is NO WAY that Lamont Jackson would take action as serious as reassignment without instruction from Marten.

  • Principal Lizarraga was NOT the only victim of Foster, Marten and Jackson.

Very little was said in the article about the SCPA Vice Principals, Teachers and Staff that were harmed through intimidation and bullying by Foster and supported by Marten and Jackson.  SCPA employees lost their jobs, were unable to work because of stress from the intimidation and were accused and shunned by other District employees because of the false information and innuendo spread by Foster, Marten and Jackson.

This does NOT EVEN ADDRESS the harm to ALL the SCPA Community including Students, Parents and Community Members.  A whole graduating class had their crowning day of GRADUATION celebration damaged by having the Keynote address given by FOSTER WHO WAS THE CAUSE OF THE REMOVAL!  In addition ALL the other students lost the leadership of a nationally renowned Principal.

  •  Foster has more VIOLATIONS that just the Fundraiser for her sons and the Grand Jury Indictments

Mario Koran provided a link to District Deeds for a story that NO MEDIA HAS EVEN ADDRESSED!  The political fundraiser for her re-election Foster promoted in June, 2015 on her Area Facebook page USED A FACEBOOK LINK ON HER DISTRICT PROFILE to funnel donors to her re-election flyer!  IT IS AGAINST ELECTION LAW to use District resources to promote your re-election…and District Deeds does not know why NO MEDIA OUTLET has even tried to report it.

As this story develops we will bring you more information and details.  We want to THANK Mario Koran and the VOSD for their story about SCPA.  Transparency and sunlight to these types of Trustee, Superintendent and District improprieties is the ONLY way we can make the SDUSD better!

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