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Following the lead of incompetent Grand Jury Accomplice Superintendent Cindy Marten, Trustees Barrera, Evans and Grand Jury Accused Marne Foster decided to ignore overwhelming Stakeholder opinion and the heat stroke risk of over 130,000 SDUSD Students and voted to approve a Pre-Labor Day Start Date in the 2016/17 school year.

By coincidence Trustee Beiser was not present at the meeting to vote…not that it made any difference.

The lone “No” vote came from Trustee McQuary who actually appeared at community meetings and heard the wide outcry against the Pre-Labor Day start date directly from the SDUSD Stakeholders.  Thank you Mr. McQuary for not selling out to cronies on the Board and actually standing up and representing the majority of the SDUSD Stakeholders!

After many Stakeholder statements at the meeting opposed to the decision, the incompetent Marten and her Board cronies Barrera, Evans and Foster stabbed the SDUSD Stakeholders in the back…again…and then asked for MORE Stakeholder Fauxllaboration to convince us that they were right despite overwhelming facts to the contrary.

Marten, Barrera, Evans and Foster REALLY THINK THAT WE ARE THAT DUMB!

Never forget…especially at the Ballot Box in 2016!!! 

More to follow…