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Back in July and in numerous posts since then, District Deeds has called out Superintendent Cindy Marten for improperly removing ELST’s from the most neediest of SDUSD Schools.

Here are the blog posts: ELL/ELST Removal Blog Posts

Now there is even more proof.

According to this  SDEA ELST Settlement Letter to Union Members to SDEA AR’s and CR’s the SDEA President informs the membership that:

“When the District directed every school to eliminate one position last June, it violated many sections of the Transfer timeline. And also took away Site Governance Teams’ rights to go through shared decision-making before eliminating a bargaining unit position (for example, the ELST’s at many schools).  Those violations continued this fall, when even more schools were instructed to cut their ELST’s.”

In other words, Superintendent Marten AND the Board of Education violated the SDEA Union Contract IN ADDITION TO VIOLATING THE TITLE 1 RULES as outlined in the    GIVE US THE VOTE – Introduction where we showed how she violated the Title1 Part A, App Guidelines.

So now, the Union has been made whole and Marten and SDUSD Board of Education balanced their budget.

And the ELL students and families…and all the schools that have illegally lost the support promised in the No Child Left Behind Act…what have they gotten?


They lost the ELST and Teacher supports and get nothing in return.

Thank You Cindy Marten

One of the most incompetent Superintendents in the history of the SDUSD.

Sign the SDUSD Stakeholder petition to GIVE US THE VOTE here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/GIVEUSTHEVOTE

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