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Dr. Martin Luther King Selma to Montgomery March  - March 25, 1965

Dr. Martin Luther King Selma to Montgomery March – March 25, 1965

President Obama in Selma - 3/7/15

President Obama in Selma – 3/7/15

We recently posted a 4 part series of articles providing the justification, the logic and a method for giving San Diego Unified School District Stakeholders the Vote here: GIVE US THE VOTE!

Today, as covered by the Huffington Post in the article named: Barack Obama Marks 50th Anniversary Of ‘Bloody Sunday’ With Powerful Speech In Selma. we were inspired by the words of President Obama.

Here is the President Obama Selma Speech Transcript – Time Magazine

Today President Obama said:

“We gather here to honor the courage of ordinary Americans willing to endure billy clubs and the chastening rod, tear gas and the trampling hoof; men and women who despite the gush of blood and splintered bone would stay true to their North Star and keep marching toward justice.” 

As “ordinary American” Stakeholders of the San Diego Unified School District we have NO VOTE in the SDUSD…but President Obama today said:

“What is our excuse today for not voting? How do we so casually discard the right for which so many fought? How do we so fully give away our power, our voice, in shaping America’s future?”

The same could be said for us as Stakeholders of the SDUSD.

What is OUR excuse for NOT demanding the right to Vote “to shape” the San Diego Unified School District future for our children/students??

What is the SDUSD Superintendent Marten and Board of Education excuse for DENYING us our right to Vote?

When will we all say we have had enough?

Parents – Teachers – Students – Administration – Staff – Community Members


Go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/GIVEUSTHEVOTE

We understand that many SDUSD Stakeholders are living under the fear of retribution and job loss from this oppressive Marten administration so sign anonymously by using “Teacher” or Principal” or any other alias you wish and an anonymous email.