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The lack of transparency, judgment and fiscal oversight by Superintendent Cindy Marten is making the Mission Valley School proposal just another Marten Fiasco waiting to happen.

In a 3/9/15 Voice of San Diego article titled “No Money, No Students, No Problem? District Eyes New Mission Valley School“, Reporter Mario Koran did a good job of outlining many of the issues surrounding the newest unilateral bad decision by Superintendent Cindy Marten.

We read with interest the article and the great comments from all the readers.  As a critic of the way the SDUSD handles collaboration and transparency for important matters affecting district Stakeholders, we recognize some key components that we have been able to illustrate over and over in our blog.

We relate directly to what a Civita resident said in his comment…especially if a school in the Civita development was one of the driving factors for purchasing his home in the first place  It is the hope of EVERY parent to have a quality school that directly serves our childrens’ educational needs within walking distance of our home.

We also relate directly to what a Kearny Cluster parent said about “every kid counts” in the Kearny Cluster so that schools are not closed.  Adding a new Mission Valley school and closing Kearny Cluster schools would REMOVE the quality school within walking distance for many of the parents near that Kearny Cluster school.

There are a couple other issues pointed out by readers including “anti growther” vs “growther” and “pro Charter” vs “anti-Charter”, all of which are reasonable issues.

ALL of these issues are important and SHOULD be debated among all SDUSD Stakeholders and resolved within a democratic process.  In the best case scenario it should be put to a vote. (see: GIVE US THE VOTE – Introduction)

Unfortunately that is not how the SDUSD and specifically the administration of Superintendent Marten currently works.

Marten makes a decision to eliminate options (Charter schools?  “Cindy wants to compete with Charter Schools”), override district initiatives (quality school in every neighborhood…except the ones where we close the school) and hopes that the fog of Civita vs. Kearny Cluster or anti-growther vs. growther or Charter vs. Anti-Charter muddies up the situation enough to let her make any decision she wants with no documented, tracked and scientifically measured Stakeholder input.

The root of the problem is not Civita or Kearny Cluster or any of the other opinions on both sides.

The problem is the lack of transparency, judgment and fiscal oversight of Superintendent Cindy Marten.

The lack of transparency when Marten “quietly entered into negotiations to buy a piece of land where it can build a school in Mission Valley – a community surrounded by under-capacity schools.” and where her own “District Spokesperson” did not even know about the negotiations…or was told to play dumb about it.

The lack of judgment and fiscal oversight by ignoring District initiatives and suggest spending the money to create a “custom school” from scratch for an exclusive development instead of coming up with a way to upgrade schools surrounding the development and providing access through busing or other options to help make the existing schools the Civita “quality neighborhood school”.

Instead of being an able administrator for ALL students in the SDUSD, Marten “wants to compete with Charter Schools”…Charter schools she recommends to the Board of Education.

How can she fairly administer to Charter Schools if she is somehow in “competition” with them?

What message is Marten sending to families and other District Stakeholders who are involved with the local Charter Schools?  Most likely the same message she sent to the successful Charter Einstein Academy regarding Civita…I have the power and you have no support and no chance.

Martens’ response to Einstein Academy is that of a worried Elementary School Principal…which she is…instead of a School District Superintendent.

We understand the needs of Civita Residents and the Kearny Cluster and we believe there is a solution with existing resources and fiscal dilligence that can meet the needs of all.

Unfortunately we do not have a Superintendent who has the experience, knowledge and integrity to serve those needs.

As a final note-

Building new schools is a perfect initiative to put in front of Stakeholder Voters…unfortunately we have no vote.

Sign the SDUSD Stakeholder petition to GIVE US THE VOTE here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/GIVEUSTHEVOTE

Sign it today!