News posted on Facebook by former SCPA Principal illustrate the difference between the way the SDUSD Elementary School Superintendent Marten devalues Principals and the appropriate treatment by real ‘world-class” Educational organizations.

Here are some pictures:

Mitzi 1  Mitzi 3 Mitzi 2Mitzi 4

Here is the FACEBOOK post from today:

Mitzi Yates Lizarraga:

My first full week at LACHSA on the campus of CSU LA was filled with the warmest welcome by the entire community – a reception hosted by the Los Angeles County Office of Education….the Superintendent is supportive, smart, savvy and involved; Cal State LA’s Provost and Associate Dean of the School of Music, Theatre and Dance have a huge presence with my school.

The students, teachers, parents, alumni and the foundation are an impressive group. Yesterday’s school-wide fundraiser, Walk for the Arts, raised $51,623 and the money is still rolling in.

Tomorrow, students will be on stage at the Dolby Theatre with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Joshua Redman, Queen Latifah, and Bill Clinton. And last night’s full moon over LA was the topping on the cake. What an amazing week.

I know we will do more great work at this prestigious arts high school that boasts Presidential Scholars and Gates Millennium scholars among its graduates.

My LACHSA students are prepared for their future careers in any industry. I am honored to be their next leader and my spirit is buoyed by the community support. Much gratitude to all!

District Deeds Observation:

How refreshing it to see how a professional, world class, educational Senior Management publicly welcomes its new key employee!  It is obviously a precursor to the amount of REAL support (not bloviated eduspeak) that L.A. County is ready and willing to provide for student success to Ms. Lizarraga and LACHSA.

By contrast…

The SDUSD Board of Education and Elementary Principal Marten “professional public welcoming” of her pre-ordained, hand-picked, Principal at SCPA was:

  • A 6 second announcement at the Board of Education Meeting
  • A 30 second robocall to some of the parents.


As controversial as the SCPA Principal selection was, how underwhelming from this inept Superintendent.

And how disrespectful to the new SCPA Principal.

The current SCPA Principal deserves better…no matter how badly the fake principal selection process was mishandled. (see:

Although LACHSA is only 126 miles away from SCPA, the support already provided by a truly competent Superintendent and the Los Angeles County Office of Education must make it feel like a light year away to Mitzi Lizarraga.

This is a case where, although the grass is actually greener on the other side,


The Superintendent who removed her is greener…and inadequate…on our side.

The District Deeds “Vision” for the inept Marten becoming “supportive, smart, savvy and involved”?

Near term, in baseball jargon,  an “0 for 4” is likely given Marten’s current skills…or lack thereof. 

Hopefully she will grow to be “adequate” by 2020…

God Save Queen Marten…and heaven help the SDUSD Students until then!