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Marten Crest

This past Monday, November 17th, 2014, Elementary Superintendent Marten passed on her limited wisdom and vast unethical manipulation skills to the Principals of the SDUSD at the “Principals Institute”…most of which already had better educational and leadership credentials than Marten (except for the numerous substandard Principal promotions Marten has made over the last 1 ½ years)

The bloviated description by the incompetent Marten at the November 18th SDUSD Board Meeting indicated that the main area of “teaching” the Principals was called “Collaborative Discussion”.  The commentary by Marten at the Board Meeting in her non-stop “eduspeak” was extremely difficult to endure…like nails on a blackboard.  We can only imagine the stifled laughter, misery, and utter boredom of the experienced Principals that had to listen to her expound for the duration of the training.

The main question we had after her Board of Education Meeting presentation was:

Being one of the least skilled, collaborative and qualified Superintendents in the history of the SDUSD, did  Marten use the following examples of her recent “Collaborative Discussions” with SDUSD Principals that have bore the brunt of her miserable decisions…decisions  that have been status quo for her incompetent and crony administration?

How about…

The “Collaborative Discussion” she had when hanging many of the Principals in the meeting out to dry by commanding/demanding those same Principals (at least the ones who were not “re-assigned”) to remove the ELST’s from their budgets during Graduation week this past June with no notice, no communicated plan and no “Collaborative Discussions” with them or any of their school site stakeholders and with final school site budgets due in 3 days?

Link: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-4J

Marten Crest

We call this the Marten Collaborative Discussion – Monarch “Lens”

How about

Barely visiting school sites and then removing Principals from high achieving schools and award winning schools with no “Collaborative Discussion” on how they could improve, on what they did wrong or what they could do to keep their job?

Link: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-1o


We call this the Marten Collaborative Discussion – Back Stabber “Lens”

How about…

The “Collaborative Discussion” of “commanding and demanding” Principals to attend and perform like trained seals as props at Marten photo ops while knowing that she is not talented or credentialed enough to run a Middle School?

Bully 1

We call this the Marten Collaborative Discussion – Intimidation/Bullying “Lens”

No specific link is provided intentionally as to not embarrass the specific Principals being victimized by Marten…numerous pictures on the sandi.net website showing this phenomenon are available.

And finally, how about…

Following in the footsteps of her own ill advised appointment as Superintendent, the “Collaborative Discussion” of the FAKE INTERVIEW PROCESS where Marten pretends to interview the highly qualified candidates and then promotes pre-ordained cronies and lapdogs equally as incompetent as herself, to Principal and other senior Administrative positions over those much more qualified candidates and eliminates the chance for real student education advancements in the SDUSD?


We call this the Marten Collaborative Discussion – “Charlie McCarthy” “Lens”

No specific link is provided intentionally as to not embarrass the specific unqualified individuals promoted to Principal or Administrator being victimized by Marten’s inferiority complex when hiring.

As the incompetent Marten described these “Powerful Collaborative Discussions” with the Principals at this Principal Conference we can only hope one of her Principal/Administrator protégé’s use some of the same underhanded techniques and lies to overthrow her miserable excuse for SDUSD leadership regime and become Superintendent themselves.

All of our conversations with the SDUSD Stakeholders – Teachers – Principals – Parents – Students – Staff – Community Members are in agreement that no new Superintendent candidate could be worse…or less qualified…or do more harm to students and Teachers and Principals…than Marten.

The Marten Incompetent Superintendent “Lens”…Now THAT”S a “Collaborative Discussion”!