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Marten Crest

Illegitimate Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten did what District Deeds predicted  in July…Marten chose the least educationally qualified, least credentialed and least experienced applicant to pretend to “run” SCPA.  (See:http://wp.me/p4LD0L-dX)

Yes..District Deeds…a Parent…the lowest form of SDUSD life right next to Students, Community Members and current Administrators with exemplary credentials in the eyes and actions of the incompetent Marten and the Board of Education…accurately predicted her faulty Elementary School level decision back in July before any of the fake community meetings, secret meetings and principal selection committees!

Since, through this Principal appointment, Graduation Diplomas, Degrees, Training, Educational Awards and years of “On The Job” Experience have no value and have been eliminated as criteria for hiring Principals and other senior Administrators by the illegitimate, ill-equipped and poorly credentialed  Superintendent Marten and the Board of Education frauds, all of the Fake Student initiatives with Graduation and Test Scores and Community Involvement promoted so extensively by them have been proven to be ALL LIES!


  • Vision 1 – “Student Achievement” implies Graduation and Degrees and Learning are important…in the Illegitimate Administration of Cindy Marten, those items DO NOT COUNT when being promoted…AND HER MESSAGE TO STUDENTS IS THAT HIGHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING DO NOT COUNTthe only thing that counts is who you can intimidate, control or compel via rewards into becoming your crony.  This makes the purpose of student achievement…to be a valuable, contributing member of society…dependent upon “who you know” not your hard work, education, training or honed skills.
  • Vision 2 – With inexperienced site leadership “Neighborhood Learning Centers” is a myth
  • Vision 3Choosing the worst credentialed candidate makes “Effective Principals in Professional Learning Communities” a joke since an inexperienced and low credentialed Principal hasn’t a clue on what to do next…let alone be “Effective”.
  • Vision 4 – Fake Principal Selection Committees with a preordained Candidates makes FOOLS of all Parents, Staff, Teachers and Community Members.  The only learning being done is that the Superintendent and Board of Education are manipulative liars.
  • Vision 5 If every bit of “Communication, Support and Guidance From District Leadership” is a non-transparent manipulative scam where only those candidates who collaborate to undermine the site community are promoted, this is not a vision but a weapon wielded against ALL SDUSD Stakeholders.


Promoting poorly credentialed, inexperienced  individuals into SDUSD leadership positions undercuts the ability to ACTUALLY CARRY OUT the identified “goals and actions” for significant subgroups because the candidates do not have the well honed skills and experience to actually carry it out!

Illegitimate Superintendent Marten also followed her standard script in hiring:

  • No Woman of Color
  • No one over 45 Years Old
  • No one with better credentials than the minimally credentialed Marten
  • Choose a candidate that has a key crony connection to a Board Member
  • Choose a candidate that will cater to Marten and Trustees Foster, Beiser, Barrera and Evans obedience to their political and financial masters. 

One question:  Would you want a medical intern to perform your open heart surgery just because they were a crony to the head of the hospital?

Apparently some Senior District Leadership, and some Teachers and Administrators are willing to play the crony game and gamble something just as precious…our childrens’ educational future…as long as they think their paychecks and their jobs and their positions are “protected” by this crony appointment.

After directly observing the disillusionment through this and other Principal appointments of numerous SCPA/SDUSD Site Stakeholders who played “by the rules”, participated in the fake selection process, believed through personal and direct private and secretive communication with Illegitimate Superintendent Marten that there was a shred of integrity in the SDUSD Leadership and then were handed this result, District Deeds has one thing left to say to those Senior District Leadership, Teachers and Administrators that collaborated in this decision…

With an inexperienced principal beholden to an illegitimate Superintendent…

You are next to get the shaft.

And District Deeds has another prediction…

We will be here to remind you of it when it happens.