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The SCPA Principal Candidate was selected by Monarch Marten and Meddlin Marne in July or August….

Since then, Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten and Meddlin Marne Foster have successfully manipulated and co-opted the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) Principal Selection process by fully embracing Fauxllaboration and the Delphi Technique (http://learn-usa.com/transformation_process/~consensus.htm) as profiled by District Deeds over the last 4 months (summarized on October 18th here: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-dX)

They will hold a secret closed session Board Meeting tomorrow to get their final story straight with a complicit Board of Education and shortly thereafter will be naming the Principal of the SCPA at the Board Meeting tomorrow evening.

So what do we already know?

  • We already know that the predetermined Principal candidate had already been chosen by Monarch Elementary Principal Marten and her twin, Meddling Marne prior to any secret meetings or the convening of the fake selection committee process.
  • We know THAT WE DON’T KNOW ALL THE QUALIFIED SCPA PRINCIPAL CANDIDATES THAT WERE ELIMINATED by the incompetent and insecure Marten during the Resume (paper) Screening WITHOUT ANY STAKHOLDER INPUT OR OVERSIGHT…which makes the Principal Selection Committee a classic Delphi Technique deception…in other words…a complete Sham, Scam and effort to deceive ALL the SDUSD Stakeholders – Teachers – Parents – Student – Administrators – Community Members – Staff.
  • We know Marten DOES NOT like to hire (and actually likes to eliminate) Principals with better credentials than her own (Lincoln/SCPA Smoking Gun:http://wp.me/p4LD0L-1o).
  • We know that Principal Lizarraga, the Principal that the incompetent Marten and operationally interfering Foster had removed, had outstanding nationally recognized Arts Principal Credentials that were provided to Marten and the Board as the Benchmark for the next principal (SCPA Principal Selection Criteria: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-2U)
  • We know that same removed Principal was quickly hired to lead a Prestigious Public Arts School in Los Angeles (Lizarraga Promotion Announcement: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-dc) …further verifying the Human Resource incompetence of Marten and her ability to judge talent that had already been established by her unqualified crony appointments to her inner circle.
  • We know that only TWO Administrator candidates made it to the Selection Committee and were eliminated…with better credentials than the unqualified, poorly credentialed Marten.
  • We know that the next SCPA Principal, cannot be a perceived intellectual threat to Marten or Foster….which seriously lowers the competence bar …and MUST be COMPLETELY malleable to the Elementary Principal Superintendent Marten.
  • We know that the new Principal might be a Teacher with a fraction of the credential of Principal Lizarraga…which makes sense (in a distorted Marten kind of way) since Marten set the national record for Superintendent lack of credentials when inappropriately being appointed a year or so ago.  The only upside is that the damage will only be done to 1,400 students…not to 120,000!

Within 24 hours we will know how much damage Monarch Marten and Meddlin Marne have decided to inflict upon the 1,400+ students at SCPA with their blundering and incompetence.

I have faith that the SCPA Parents and Community Members, including myself, will do our best to contribute everything we have to support ALL the SCPA on-site stakeholders…the Students, Teachers, Administrators, Staff…and yes…even the New Principal that was surreptitiously handpicked by Marten and Foster 3-4 months ago for their own self serving career and financial reasons.  

To do anything less would be acting for the benefit or beliefs of adults…and not in the best interests of the Students…the ones WE are ALL dedicated to support.

The final disgusting truth…that unfortunately we ALL know?

That Marten and Foster knew WE would ALWAYS be there for the Students…which allowed them to gorge their worst characteristics and fully service themselves by removing our Principal without any regard for the SCPA culture or community or the Students.

Never forget the final truth the next time you see Marten and Foster smiling in a photo op using children as props thereby actually using us all, with no conscience, for their own political and career needs..

Never forget.