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Marten Crest

As we mentioned in the “Birth of District Deeds”  tab (https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/the-birth-of-district-deeds/ ), District Deeds is a self funded, shoestring operation.  We launched a free blog on WordPress with a $10,  500 business card special.  We hoped these simple, honest tactics…along with a lot of investigation…. would help  both spread the word of what we were trying to do,  and also expose the nightmare San Diego Unified School District Leadership…the Illegitimate Elementary Principal Superintendent/Puppet  Marten and her Puppeteer Board of Education.

The business cards look like this:

District Deeds001


District Deeds002


We asked everyone to “Put Your SDUSD Horror Story Online”…especially the SDUSD Stakeholders – Teachers – Parents – Principals – Students  – Community Members and the INDEPENDENT members of the Press…to help us compile, in one place, the many incidents that they had all told us individually.  We wanted ALL the stories that the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Machine had successfully covered up through its extensive, highly financed and officially “budgeted” operation.

In a little over 4 months since we launched District Deeds on June 26, 2014, those dedicated and committed SDUSD Stakeholders and ethical Press came through with the following Blunders, Lies and Cover-Ups:

  • The Marten $20,000 “Superintendent Scholarship” Lie and Scam


  • The institutional and systematic removal of Highly Qualified  Female Principals of Color


  • The Widespread Principal Selection Stakeholder Ruse and Scam


  • The ELST Removal Scandal


  • The MRAP Debacle


  • The Lincoln High School Fake Photo Op and Subsequent  Dysfunction and Stabbing at Lincoln


  • The Violation of Student Rights with the “No Policy” Pot Sniffing Dogs


We are SO THANKFUL how the Parents,  Teachers,  Principals, Staff, Students, Community Members and the Investigative Journalists searching for the truth told us things that the Illegitimate Superintendent Marten and her Board of Education enablers never wanted any of us to know.