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District Deeds just received another dispatch from Hornet Insider at Lincoln High School.

Here is the message:

Dear District Deeds-

The Hornet Insider is ashamed of the lack of support the students at Lincoln High School are receiving for the PSAT’s.  Observations on campus revealed:

  • The PSAT was such a mess…the children were not prepared nor prepped adequately for the test.
  • The classes were out of control
  • The Administrative Team, as usual, was nowhere to be found
  • The Middle College staff did not support the PSAT process at all…they are apparently only supporting the Middle College Program students
  • The Lincoln campus rumor is that Marten and Foster are planning to give the campus over to a Charter Organization…in other words, giving up!

All the Parents, Students and Staff  hope that the Charter rumor is NOT true and that it is just a rumor!


Hornet Insider

District Deeds wonders…

How is it fair that a large SDUSD High School campus that needs ALL students to have a hopeful future is split into the Haves and the Have Nots by Elementary Principal Marten and Meddling Marne Foster and that they are using struggling students as a control group in their experiment?

If we were a parent of a student in the select Middle College Program, we would be happy with all the support provided.

If we were a parent of a student in the “have not” category, we would be outraged at the unfairness.

And if the Charter rumor is true, how typical for Marten and Foster to abandon their responsibility and commitment and move the historic Lincoln High School to a Charter Operator.

Kind of like they abandon Principals…ELST’s…ELL’s…and SDUSD Stakeholders in general whenever the going gets tough and character, experience and credentials are required…and not just a PR Photo Op.

Is it any wonder that the “hopeful future” in the minds of many, many Stakeholders in the SDUSD is the day that Elementary  Principal Marten loses her job and Meddling Marne resigns from hers?

District Deeds has only one more hope…

We can only “hope” that their departure is very, very soon.