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Marten Crest


Highly dedicated and involved Community Members and Teachers at the Board Meeting called the Marten ELL Plan a “pack of lies”, a “farce”, Racist, not transparent, non collaborative and a “money grab” that will “miserably fail our children”.

The Monarch Marten and “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” San Diego Unified Board of Education insulting response:

Bloviating endlessly about the great progress in EIGHT CLASSES that were actually taught by ELST’s whose ranks were then CUT BY MARTEN LAST JUNE and then JUSTIFYING THE CUTS!

In between all the bloviating and waxing poetic about “having the same goals” and “aligning” with various other ill conceived SDUSD “strategies” like the blurry Vision 20-20 and nondescript, incomplete and everchanging LCAP, Spokesmodel Marten and her accomplices, the SDUSD Board of Education Trustees Beiser, Barrera, Evans and Foster (Barnett not present) pulled the same old, tired , disrespectful, double talking sales job on all the ELL Stakeholders at the Board of Education Meeting last night (10/14/14).

Link: http://www.sandi.net/cms/lib/CA01001235/Centricity/domain/431/reports/2014/1014/video.html

District Deeds had called out Marten at the time for her careless and unilateral poor decision without any plan or collaboration with ELL Stakeholders in a blog post on July 22, 2014: https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/sdusd-english-language-learners-feel-the-royal-command-pain-of-superintendent-inexperience/

And had “I’s on ELL’s first hand account of the disasterous 1st DELAC meeting of the year here: https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/sdusd-fauxllaboration-alert-delac-meeting-shocker-sdusd-blocks-discussion-by-delac-members-over-elst-removals/

Versión en Español:   https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/alerta-de-falsacolaboracion-de-sdusd-reunion-escandalo-en-delac-sdusd-bloquea-discusion-por-miembros-de-delac-miembros-sobre-los-cambios-recientes-en-relacion-a-las-maestras-de-recursos-elst/

Do they realize that removing more than 50 ELST’s has HAD A HUGE NEGATIVE IMPACT every day since school began ON THE ELL STUDENTS AT 50 SCHOOLS…AND THAT 37 CLASSES THIS YEAR DO NOT MAKE UP FOR THE LOSS??

Do they realize that removing the ELST LEADERSHIP from those EIGHT CLASSES make any of the statistical gains,  trumpeted so loudly, COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS SINCE REGULAR TEACHERS WITH minimal ELL TRAINING WILL BE HANDLING THOSE CLASSES IN THE FUTURE…NOT ELST’S?

Do they realize that their plan is victimizing one of the most educationally AT RISK STUDENT POPULATIONS IN THE SDUSD?


How distasteful to watch Marten and the BOE brag about the progress of a strategy while eliminating the key component THAT MADE IT SUCCESSFUL

Kind of like bragging about concentrating on graduation rates and then removing the Principal at a school with the highest graduation rate in the district.

Classic Marten and Board of Education DOUBLETALK and LIES!

Are we to ignore the testimony of actual customers (ELL family stakeholders) and front line personnel (ELST and ALD Teachers), like the BOARD of EDUCATION did at the Board Meeting, and BELIEVE Marten?

Are we to believe that eliminating the key component – a fully trained dedicated ELST – from the formula that Marten, Beiser, Barrera, Foster and Evans bragged about so earnestly (almost believably) is supposed to have no impact on the results or eventually make up for current daily loss of 50 ELST’s ?

They insist we must, based on the District sales job led by the incompetent Marten.

Like all mediocre salesmen try to do . . .THEY TRIED to change the conversation framework in spite of the customer reaction to the inconvenient facts of the poorly though out product they were selling:

Richard Barrera at 1:53:09 of the Board meeting:

“I don’t want to get into the framework where we’re talking about in those schools that had an ELST and now don’t what are we doing to do to  make up for it”

Way to Go Richard!  WE absolutely DON”T want to compare actually having a full-time ELST against this half-baked centralized disaster created by Marten…it might show that she really doesn’t know what she is doing!!

And Marten at 1:53:58

Using eduspeak to bloviate while saying nothing and making no commitments (as usual) in support of the Barrera ELST elimination exit strategy:

“That context (schools with or without and ELST) complicates it and makes it look like we have walked away from the strategy while we feel we are nothing but walking into a broader strategy and that’s, the conversation HAS to stay there because it’s about, this district, um, er, can show what we’re doing actually in a comprehensive plan for English Learners District-wide.”

Good job Cindy—we get YOUR MESSAGE—removing ELST’s to save money in the budget and replacing them with nothing is a GOOD thing…and it better stay that way…or else!  Just try and find the other administrators who didn’t make it “stay there”…they got the “or else” – Reassignment Hell!

If you think that your bullying of those employed by the SDUSD with gag orders and reassignments/terminations will work to quiet all SDUSD Stakeholders you not only sadly mistaken but also much more inexperienced than even your numerous blunders and poor decisions indicate.

And Beiser – at 1:55:42

“To go from 52 people to 285 that are in proficient to advanced is pretty incredible growth through this program!”

3 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do we appreciate?  Beiser Beiser Rah Rah Rah  – the numbers don’t have to be accurate…they just need to sound good!  What is really INCREDIBLE is that this Trustee and math teacher didn’t recognize the statistical significance of eliminating the ELST’s from the classroom equation.

So to summarize the sales pitch:

  • Ignore the impact of the loss of ELST’s (Barrera “re-framing”))
  • Do not deviate from this “talking point” (Monarch Marten says “The conversation HAS to stay there”)
  • Fudge the numbers to sell the clunker (Beiser: Extrapolating “unaffordable” (Evans words) phenomenal improvement (by using highly skilled ELST’s to teach classes) versus the unknown non-ELST’s results)

What a sad, insulting attempt at damage control for this incompetent Superintendent.


All SDUSD Stakeholders who choose to believe this ELL Plan sales scam from Flim Flam Marten and her four cronies in the BOE  – Beiser – Barrera – Evans – Foster – do I have a another equally disreputable deal for you!

They are the mama and papa of the ELL Plan….

Vision 2020 and LCAP…and boy are they a couple of hornswaggles!

More to come…