In the District Deeds posting on September 10, 2014, over three weeks ago,  ( District Deeds asked for a FULL SDUSD investigation regarding the Marten/Foster removal of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin from Lincoln High School.

Also on September 10, 2014, Reporter Michael Chen was on the Lincoln High School case and Channel 10 San Diego broadcast the “Vote Out Meddling Marne Foster” story. (

The opaque reaction by the SDUSD and Marten and Foster to investigate the situation surrounding the school they helped destroy by the removal of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin?


In the 1st Whistleblower posting on September 21, 2014 ( Hornet Insider described the school site dysfunction, fear and danger created by the removal  of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin by Marten and Foster.

The opaque reaction by Marten and Foster to respond to the dangerous environment they created at the school by their removal of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin?

Nothing again…no reaction, no denial, no emotion, no concern, no visible help for the students safety.

In the 2nd Lincoln High School Whistleblower posting on October 1, 2014,( Hornet Insider described in detail an actual life threatening event created by the removal  of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin by Marten and Foster

The opaque reaction by Marten and Foster to respond to the life threatening event at the school they helped destroy by the removal of Principal/Dr. Omogbehin?

The same…silence…the classic opaque reaction of this SDUSD Superintendent and Board of Education that feel they have enough media influence, financial backing and raw power to ignore the concerns of the insignificant Little People, the NON-Power Brokers…in other words, the SDUSD Stakeholders – Students – Parents – Teachers – Administrators –  Community Members – and yes…the Press in San Diego County.

But they were wrong…miserably wrong…like they have been so wrong on so many other decisions to the detriment of Students

The SDUSD Superintendent and Board must have thought it was a joke.

It was not a joke– it was a serious underestimation of SDUSD Stakeholder Courage.

On October 3, 2014, Channel 10 and Michael Chen broadcast the knifing incident representing the results of the misguided and ill-advised actions of Marten and Foster at Lincoln High School as the lead story at 6 pm on Friday, 10/3/2014.  Here is the link:

The worst case scenario for Marten and Foster occurred…the first day of school,  Photo Op stunt at Lincoln High school was exposed for what it really was…an empty self-serving political gesture…exposed through

The selfless Courage of Hornet Insider to speak out at personal risk to tell the real story at Lincoln High School

The selfless Courage of the Teachers and front line Staff at Lincoln High School at professional risk to describe their real concerns for students education and safety.

The selfless Courage of Michael Chen and Channel 10 to provide top-notch investigative reporting in the face of the largest employer in San Diego County…the San Diego Unified School District

And ESPECIALLY for the selfless Courage of a young lady, a Lincoln Hornet Student to the core, who was willing to speak out and tell the truth for her 1,400 fellow Lincoln High School Students.

They were all REMARKABLE!

The rushed and typically inadequate San Diego Unified Public Relations/Department of Quality Assurance Department/Marten/Foster Response?  

Per the Channel 10 report: 

“A representative for the school district says the school has added extra security and more hallway monitoring by teachers.

The school has also reached out to parents as they plan large assemblies and small group sessions on bullying, school behavior and conflict resolution.”

In other words…

More Police Cars

More Police, totally unfamiliar with the school site educational culture with the risk of imposing a “lock down” culture roaming the Lincoln halls

More classic Marten and Foster tone-deaf Fauxllaboration (see  using fake terms like “reached out to Parents” and “sessions on bullying, school behavior and conflict resolution.”

This “added extra security” sounds familiar…MRAP anyone?

Given her suspect “fleet” experience, we wonder if Marten has considered sending the MRAP full of Teddy Bears to Lincoln to “help facilitate the dialogue” with the Lincoln Students.

We believe only one thing will “help facilitate the dialogue” with the Lincoln Students….and the rest of the Stakeholders in the San Diego Unified School District.

The full independent investigation of Marten and Foster’s direct intervention in the removal of Principal Dr. Omogbehin and their other ill-conceived actions  including:

  • Removal of highly credentialed Principals in other schools for no good reason
  • Removal of ELST’s
  • The disastrous MRAP acquisition
  • The Fake Cindy Marten $5,000 Scholarship
  • The student transcript scandal
  • The unfeeling “Legal” advocacy of charging IB fees from economically disadvantaged SDUSD families…and hiding the REAL truth about IB costs from thousands of SDUSD Parents and Students in SDUSD sanctioned Brochures and Marketing Materials with no conscience.

…and many, many other mistakes negatively impacting SDUSD Students.

Maybe, for once, both Marten and Foster can show a fraction of the courage on behalf of the students at Lincoln High School as the young Lady Hornet who was willing to do what was best for ALL her fellow students.

Maybe they will both resign…for the good of 120,000 SDUSD students.

But it would take integrity to do that.

How about it Cindy and Marne…do you have the integrity and courage of an exceptional teenage Student?

Will you risk your educational career like she did by admitting the truth?

Will you be honest and resign for the well-being of ALL SDUSD Students?

Will you find your “Profile in Courage” moment? 

Or will you just use this for another self-serving Photo Op?

We think we already know your answer….but prove us wrong.