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District Deeds just received another dispatch from Hornet Insider at Lincoln High School.

Here is the message:

Dear District Deeds-

Yesterday (Tuesday, 9/30/14)  was a hard day at Lincoln

  • During sixth period a student went to use the rest room with no idea that they were being followed by two peers.
  • The student was attacked with a butcher knife and luckily used their hands to defend themselves but had cuts on arms and hands.
  • Another student ran to inform staff unfortunately administrative team was meeting and could not be reached for the emergency.
  • There have been a string of fights that are going unreported and covered up
  • I have heard that they are covered up because Cindy Marten and Marne Foster placed a gag order on everyone.
  • The kids on campus have no one listening to them so they act out to get the attention they need.

 The waters that are supposed to be calming are getting worse…and where is Principal Ross, the handpicked successor by Marten and Foster, when a kid can bring a knife to school?


Hornet Insider

District Deeds wonders:

Where is the strong site leadership, support structure and safety protocols that Principal/Dr.  Omogbehin had established before Marten and Foster took her away?

Unfortunately for Lincoln Students she is exhibiting those advanced skills in the Houston (TX) Independent School District as a High School Support Officer with responsibility for multiple High Schools.  They hired her within 90 days of her ill-advised dismissal from Lincoln High School directed by Foster and implemented by Marten.

What do you plan on doing now to help Lincoln High School Cindy and Marne?

I know!!


Marten and Foster Photo Op at Lincoln HS 1st day of school – VOSD

How about another PHOTO OP at Lincoln with both of you smiling!

Picture link: http://voiceofsandiego.org/2014/09/02/all-eyes-on-lincoln-high/

That is the ONE THING you two are REALLY good at!


Here is the first dispatch from Hornet Insider where they expressed Lincoln Campus safety concerns:  https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/whistleblower-lincoln-high-school-hornet-insider/