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As the inaugural installment of the Whistleblower series on District Deeds, we are featuring  a contributor from Lincoln High School who calls themselves Hornet Insider.  

It seems as though after all the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda on the first day of school and after all the Reporters and cameras and the smiling faces of District personnel like Marten and Foster got their Photo Ops, the school site community is getting something much different than the “calming the waters” empty publicity promises.

(see: http://voiceofsandiego.org/2014/09/02/all-eyes-on-lincoln-high/)

Here are the observations of Hornet Insider:

District Deeds-

Since all the reporters left on the first day of school, Lincoln High School has had the following occur:

  • For the kids NOT in the 40 students in the new $166,000  “middle college” scheme pushed by Foster and Marten, leadership tells black and brown kids: “Don’t go to college-it’s a waste.” They push ITT Tech.
  • There is no teaching going on in many classes and no access to the administrative team to help them
  • Security calls administration on the radio and no one comes to help them
  • Kids mentioned that they are fighting along race lines – Hispanic against Black
  • On this past Friday (9/19/14) a student was taken away by ambulance due to a fight.
  • During an assembly the Principal was cussed out by a student because the campus is not safe and  he covers it all up and does nothing about it.
  • The staff close their doors to avoid the conflicts and just say that “This is what it has come to.”
  • Staff states the campus has no control by the Principal because he knows nothing and does nothing.

And it seems to be getting worse.


Hornet Insider

District Deeds wonders:

To paraphrase the article in VOSD: 

So Ms. Marten and Ms. Foster, “there’s a lot riding on you”…where are your photo ops and publicity and influence now when ALL the students at Lincoln High REALLY need it? 

Nowhere to be found…as usual.

And to paraphrase again…

YOU have become a “symbol of everything that’s wrong” with School District management.

Shame on you.

Lincoln High students deserve better.