We are happy to introduce a new feature on District Deeds called the  *Whistleblower”.

This feature will allow all of the members of school site communities – Parents – Students – Teachers – Administrators (Principals, VP’’s,  Area Superintendents), Staff  (Custodians, Clerks, etc.), District Central Office Staff  – to voice their REAL SDUSD Stories under an alias or under their own name.

The purpose of this feature is to let ALL SDUSD Stakeholders, who do not have a platform to share their experiences or are afraid of SDUSD retribution, to let others know what is REALLY going on without the whitewash treatment of the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Departments or its SDUSD counterpart – the Department of Quality Assurance Department (using two “departments” in the name since it is redundant to the PR Dept with the same objective: Cover up real Stakeholder issues)

You can send your Whistleblower stories to districtdeeds@gmail.com.  The Whistleblower Guidelines are posted at the top of the page.

Let’s work together to get out the REAL SDUSD stories and improve the education of ALL our kids!