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Cindy Marten – who had unilaterally approved the acquisition of the military-grade Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) crumbled under both local and national pressure and decided to return the MRAP to the DOD.

Here is the  SDUSD News Release:  http://sdusd-news.blogspot.com/2014/09/news-release-from-san-diego-unified.html

The key comment from Marten:

“Some members of our community are not comfortable with the district having this vehicle,” said Superintendent Cindy Marten. “If any part of our community is not comfortable with it, we cannot be comfortable with it.”

WOW – Is Marten joking or does she just think we are gullible enough to believe her?

In truth, MOST MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN COMFORTABLE ACQUIRING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE but Marten didn’t consult the “community” when she decided to acquire the MRAP.

Now we are supposed to think she cares about our “comfort” when she gets caught in her blunder?

In truth, Marten just got caught in a big enough blunder, NATIONALLY this time, that exposed her lack of ability and experience and did it THIS TIME without the Board of Education cover (unlike the Principal and ELST removals) of using hidden agendas, secret meetings with individual Trustees and the notorious closed Board sessions.

Ultimately since she COMPLETELY IGNORED and DECLINED TO INCLUDE ANY STAKEHOLDERS  on numerous decisions in the past (including the MRAP, Principal/ELST removal, etc.) why should any SDUSD Stakeholder believe anything she has to say?

The bright side?

At least now everyone NATIONALLY realizes how unfit for the SDUSD Superintendent position she really is.

More to follow…