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In the News…the REAL News…not the sandi.net version

Childrens Rights Groups, who actually DID research, unlike Superintendent Marten who decided to unilaterally approve the acquisition of the military-grade Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP),  are speaking out against it as proven by the following article:


Here is the letter:

New-9-15 LDF-Texas Appleseed-1033 Letter

Back in San Diego Unified…

Only one SDUSD Board Member has spoken out publicly against it (Scott Barnett).

See: http://www.kpbs.org/news/2014/sep/11/san-diego-unified-school-board-not-notified-about-/

Even though a SDUSD Spokesperson said in that article that Spokesmodel Marten was responsible, she has, so far, successfully avoided the media blame game even though she is the person in charge and the one responsible for this debacle.

Whatever they are paying the San Diego Unified Public Relations Propaganda Department for the whitewash of this Marten scandal in the local media, it isn’t enough!

p.s.:  Thank you Mark for the article!