In the News…the REAL News…not the version

Somehow the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department in August neglected to list this SDUSD “In The News” item reported by ABC 10 – San Diego: “Student says computer glitch cost him a scholarship”

Searching the August, 2014 SDUSD “In The News” ( and other months and also searching for  “computer glitch” on the SDUSD site came up with no results.

The student, who finished in the top 5 at Serra High, apparently lost a full ride to Stanford University.  According to the student, not only did the SDUSD deny his families $250,000 claim for the error, but even “refused to admit the mistake” until AUGUST, 2014, well after anything could be done.  Due to his exemplary educational record, he DID get a full ride to UCLA!

Marten apparently sent a letter to SOME colleges.  There is no way to tell if she actually sent one to YOUR students college or even that YOUR students college even realized that the SDUSD made a mistake…since they refused to admit it. 

I had a 2014 graduating Senior in High School and never even HEARD about the “computer glitch” in February from Marten and definitely nothing about a letter to colleges.

Hopefully those letters went to YOUR students college and referenced YOUR students actual record or else you and I and ALL the Class of 2014 Graduating Seniors and Families just got BOEMer’d!

The bright side?

In August the SDUSD “In The News” on DID find the space to market the “Cindy Marten Ice Bucket Challenge” Photo Op.

Thank Goodness!!!