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Unfortunately it only took the SDUSD 1 day to make the following two District Deeds predictions come true:

  • Curriculum Development/Common Core will crash and burn – but the SDUSD “Office of Quality Assurance” and “Public Relations” will effectively cover it up through local media.
  • The new, so called “Office of Quality Assurance” will turn out to be just another Marten/BOE Public Relations scam that spins lies and half truths non-stop to the media and Stakeholders.

see: https://districtdeeds.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/anatomy-of-a-failed-superintendent-part-4-final-dismemberment/

In a news report on San Diego Channel 7-39, the parents of a Scripps Ranch high achieving 5th Grader who  scored a 22 on the Common Core Math Placement Test went public with their concerns to “speak out for others who are advocating for their children”.  (see: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/video/#!/news/local/Parents-Upset-Over-Common-Core-Math-Test/273870591)

In order to be considered for the accelerated pathway in math, their child had to score a 25.  That single test, which is obviously in the very beginning stages of implementation district-wide, “is determining what kind of math students take from 6th grade through High School”

The parents expressed frustration that the SDUSD is being “inflexible” and is experiencing “roadblock after roadblock” with the District.  The test is final… the SDUSD “takes NO OTHER CONSIDERATIONS like teacher evaluations, report cards or other past test scores”

Telling quotes from the Parents:

“It was one test that was given…they didn’t even know it was a placement test.”

“It’s frustrating, no one will listen”

“That basically says ‘Our test is infallible, it’s absolutely the only way it can work’”

Telling quotes from the SDUSD “Department of Quality Assurance Propaganda Redundancy Department” (Since it is redundant to the SDUSD Public Relations Department):

“The main thing we want parents to know is that we have ramped up this curriculum, it’s very challenging.”

“We’re placing kids in the sections where they are optimally suited for success.”

And a paraphrase from the 7-39 Reporter: “A district spokesman says the District does not want parents to feel their concerns are being minimized or not heard but she says there is a process for assessing students.”

So, to recap:

  • Parents have a concern about the education of their child and meet road block after roadblock to get it addressed
  • The SDUSD draws a hard line and sticks with the results of a newly implemented, single “test in progress” over Teacher opinions (through grades or narrative} and all past history of mathematical achievement.
  • The “SDUSD “Department of Quality Assurance Propaganda Redundancy Department” spins the the media via the last word in the story by saying that they do “not want parents to feel their concerns are being minimized or not heard” despite their direct actions of actually ignoring and minimizing the Parents concerns by their roadblocks and faulty logic in defending an indefensible, irreversible, single “prototype” placement test that will negatively impact the student’s education for the next 7 years.

We want to congratulate the Scripps Ranch Parents for speaking up with the hope it will help other Parents and Students.  They both were extremely well spoken and communicated their points succinctly and accurately.

With math being an international language not based on english fluency, we wonder how all those ELL families are communicating their concern with the math placement test without an ELST.

We wonder how less educated and less eloquent parents will be able to advocate for their children’s correct placement.

But it really makes no difference within the SDUSD through the governance of Monarch Marten.

She has now claimed test infallibility in Common Core over Student, Parent, Teacher and Site Administrator hard evidence, no matter how compelling.

Two District Deeds Predictions down…unfortunately.