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Since simple and repeated “Communication” and “Messaging” is SO important to the SDUSD Senior leadership via the Quality Assurance and Public Relations propaganda wing , District Deeds has decided to help them along.

One of our supporters presented me with an idea that sounded like fun and also encompassed the true meaning of numerous mistakes currently being made by the inexperienced Marten and the manipulative San Diego Unified Board of Edcucation (BOE)

The idea was to come up with an acronym that easily communicated the categorizing of an ill-advised decision that negatively impacted SDUSD Stakeholders including Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Staff and Community.

The new acronym that we will begin using today is the BOEMer which stands for:

B – Board

O – of

E – Education

M – Marten

ER – Error


Used in a sentence it would be:

“The SDUSD pulled another BOEMer when they removed highly credentialed Principals from high achieving schools in a secretive, non-collaborative manner with no stakeholder input.”


“It was a real BOEMer to remove ELST’s from the SDUSD school sites….ELL’s are guaranteed to suffer because of it”

For those who “drink the Kool Aid” of the SDUSD Senior Management and BOE out of necessity (to keep their job) or choice (to get promoted or get an royal audience to push their idea) the Marten and BOE disciples will now be referred to as “BOEMers”

Used in a sentence it would be:

“All the SDUSD BOEMers nodded and smiled blankly while Marten bloviated for an hour, repeating the same catch-phrases over and over until many in the crowd fell asleep.”


“Surrounded by her favorite BOEMers, Marten smiled brightly into the camera, marking the the record setting, 100th Photo Op of the month for the unpopular Superintendent”

Please send us your own SDUSD acronyms and we will publish an “urban dictionary” list for all to use!