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You Are Respectfully Invited To the Official Launch Of District Deeds!


Politifest 2014 at Liberty Station’s Central Promenade

Date: August 9th, 2014

Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

I am happy to announce that District Deeds will have it’s official launch at the Voice of San Diego Politifest 2014 event at Liberty Station’s Central Promenade!  I will be in Booth 3, right beside the Picnic Area and Food Trucks.  I will be looking for topics from the REAL Stakeholders for upcoming blog posts.  With your input at Politifest, I hope to help restore the transparency and visibility that is regularly denied by the SDUSD Superintendent and Board of Education to protect themselves through closed session secrecy and keep us separate in opposing and non-communicating camps.  Together let’s EXPOSE the inept, unethical, uncaring and non-collaborative Deeds of the SDUSD that hurt ALL of our Students.

Here is the Map: Politifest Map – District Deeds in Booth #3 by Picnic Area

Link to the VOSD Politifest Info page:  http://voiceofsandiego.org/politifest/

Although I have been blogging since mid-June, this is my chance to talk to ALL the SDUSD Stakeholders – Parents-Teachers-Administrators-Students-Communities – in person to hear your stories and issues regarding the lack of transparency, secret decisions to remove Principals and Staff, and artificial collaboration tactics used by the current Superintendent Marten, Board Members Foster, Evans, Barerra, Beiser and Barnett, and the SDUSD Public Relations Propaganda Department.

Come and talk to me about:

  • Your great principal being taken away by  Monarch Marten
  • Losing your valuable English Language Support Teacher
  • Inappropriate intervention into daily operations and decision making at your school by Board Members
  • Fake collaboration where the SDUSD pretended to listen to you and then made the opposite decision that negatively impacted your students and school.
  • Fixed Principal Selection Committees or direct Principal placements where your voice was not heard or even considered.
  • Any and all topics related to SDUSD abuse of oversight and power that you want and need to be exposed

Let’s work together to make the SDUSD bettereven if it is IN SPITE OF the incompetence and cronyism of Marten and the Board of Education.

I look forward to hearing from ALL of you there!