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All SDUSD Stakeholders – Parents, Students, Teachers, Administration and Community – received horrible news from the SDUSD Tuesday, July 29, 2014 when they learned that Cindy Marten, the inept Monarch/Superintendent of the SDUSD was not only given an “exceeds expectations” on her deplorable performance over the last year but also had her contract extended by one year by the San Diego Board of Education (SDBOE).

Here is the Evaluation: 7-25-14-AssessmentofSuptbyBoardwith14-15

The SDBOE have apparently found the level of incompetence required in Marten who not only will follow their direction like a lapdog but also minimize Stakeholder collaboration enough to fulfill each of their political and personal advancement agendas…a rare quality.

The ridiculous evaluation illustrates clearly how the incompetence really begins at the SDBOE level.  Any of the Board Members who secretly (as usual) voted to approve this misrepresentation of fact – Marne Foster, Richard Barrera, John Evans, Kevin Beiser and Scott Barnett should be ashamed…if that is an actual emotion available in their self serving psyche  Unless there is a State, Federal or County  investigation that puts a stop to this SDUSD disaster, ALL of the Students, Families, Teachers, Administrators and  Communities will continue to suffer and lose years of learning to this miserable excuse of a Monarchy.