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Elitist:  adjective – favoring, advocating, or restricted to an elite.

Is La Jolla elitist

Probably – but who cares?  America is Elitist – USA USA USA – We’re #1!” – “The Shining City on the Hill”, US Exceptionalism etc.

Is the La Jolla Cluster Elitist?

I would hope so…I would think that EVERY school and every SDUSD Stakeholder would favor and advocate for their childrens’ education and do everything possible to help them be fully and successfully educated in the best possible way and also believe it is the best.

The better question is:   Is Marten and the San Diego Board of Education Elitist?

This question is prompted by an article in the Voice of San Diego named “No, the New La Jolla Schools Agreement Isn’t Elitist

The commitment of Marten and the Board of Ed is supposed to be to serve ALL children in the SDUSD equally. 

As usual, the game with the SDUSD is fixed.  The tilting the Cluster STUCTURE to require sophisticated organization/communication/participation and creating the 2020 vision scam to pretend that ALL have access, only those Clusters with the capacities to participate actually can get SOME of what they demand.  If you work 2 jobs, are a single parent, don’t speak English very well, don’t have a car or any other number of restrictions that don’t allow you to create a multilevel Cluster Association like La Jolla (and congratulations to them for doing it) you, your child, your teachers, your principal, your school, and your cluster is OUT OF LUCK.

The following sentence in the article tells it all: “  She praised La Jolla’s collaborative process as “an example of how one group coming together about something that makes sense” can help influence policy across the whole district.”  She forgot to add that you better have ALL the clout of La Jolla for her to actually show up occasionally…just ask SCPA, Field and Lincoln.

I do not fault La Jolla for using everything they have to get it done…obviously they have found what level of “influence” makes sense to Marten and the BOE.

So is Monarch Marten and the San Diego Board of Education Elitist?

The answer is an absolute YES…and because the answer is YES, it just increases their already high level of ineptitude.

By choosing winner and loser students through their secret decision making processes, fake collaboration, crony behaviors and lack of experience/overiding ineptitiude, they prove that they pick certain students to win, and by default, pick others to fail – basically the definition of Elitism..

The horrible result for the over 100,00 Students, Teachers, Parents, Principals and Communities not in La Jolla is that since they don’t have the special “influence” required to satiate Marten, they don’t have a chance with this Inept Superinterndent and Board organizational governance..