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BREAKING NEWS—This blogger has just learned through multiple sources that the “Vision” exam of Superintendent Cindy Marten has completed the destruction of one of the most successful administrations in the San Diego Unified School District.  Principal Mitzi Lizarraga, one of the most qualified, experienced and successful principals in the history of the SDUSD, over the last 7 years has been removed from the SCPA leadership role.

Despite massive SCPA stakeholder community support from Parents, Teachers, Students, Former Board Members, Community Members and Partners, apparently Superintendent Marten (we are gathering verification) decided that removing Principal Lizarraga was best for the school based on her “vision”, a singular 1 hour campus visit 2 years ago and intense feedback from a very involved Board Member/Parent with strong operational intervention skills.

This blogger is wondering, since the SCPA Magnet Arts School community is filled with many Alumnus,Teachers, Parents and Students from each of their areas, why did Board Members Beiser, Barnett, Barrera, and Evans not exercise their formidable “intervention” skills on behalf of the constituents they represent to RETAIN Lizarraga based on her outstanding graduation rates, college placements (NYU, Julliard, etc), Scholarships and Awards (Gates Millennium, YoungArts etc.)…although this blogger is not sure if any of them had a well informed (or misinformed?) onsite mouthpiece resource at SCPA like BM Foster…we will research.

An interesting sidebar to this educational and student disaster is the attempt of the SDUSD to “cover up” their decision to remove Lizarraga by not only sending a “robocall” to all SCPA Families assuring them that “Principal Lizarraga is still Principal”  merely 4 days earlier (6/20) , but carrying on a charade to be actually engaged with SCPA community comments at the regular 5:00 SDUSD Board Meeting on 6/24/14 when they had already made their decision at the 2:00 Closed Session.   I guess “Public Comment” is just a good time to take a nap for this Superintendent and Board after a long 3 hour opaque secret session where the REAL transparency and “collaboration” occurs.  Here is the link to the 5:00 Board Meeting::


Word on the street is that up to 10 other schools (we will share when verified) are scheduled to be derailed/detroyed in the same fashion as SCPA, Lincoln and Field, within the next week.  Please contact this blogger at districtdeeds@gmail.com if you would like to join the movement to provide Superintendent Marten and the Board some Optometric assistance.  Obviously it takes more than hundreds of emails, letters, calls, signatures, and comments (here is the Petition link if you would like to review and/or sign: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-mitzi-lizarraga-as-scpa-principal) and a pristine record of academic achievement, Principal leadership and national recognition.  If it can happen to SCPA, Lincoln, Field and 10 other schools, it can happen to your school…which might be the message that this District wants to send to keep us all in line.   Be strong…we are all in this together…Parents..Teachers…Students…Community!  Let’s Get This Party Started!