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Waiting, waiting and more waiting.  Since Principal Lizarraga at SCPA was unable to administer the Graduation Ceremonies 2 weeks ago today to my daughter and 143 other SCPA Graduates, the SCPA stakeholder community has been rallying around Principal Lizarraga and deluging Superintendent Marten, and Board Members Beiser, Barrera, Barnett, Evans and Foster with letters, emails, phone calls, and a petition with over 300 signatures and positive comments ( http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/keep-mitzi-lizarraga-as-scpa-principal).

The School Board did not make a ruling at their meeting last Tuesday (6/26/14) and all of the Teachers, Parents, Students, Community Members, Former Board Members, and the rest of the community who overwhelmingly support keeping Principal Lizarraga at SCPA are forced to wait for the SDUSD to make the right decision.