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Another week, another disastrous San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) educational outcome for students and families.

It is clear that the total leadership incompetence, inexperience and corruption of Superintendent Marten, Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera and Trustee Whitehurst Payne continues.

This Sunday Reads highlights an excellent article from the Voice of San Diego by Ms. Ashly McGlone that exposes the serious ramifications of the incompetent SDUSD leadership removing over 360 SDUSD employees before the end of the 1st semester of the 2020/2021 school year with the most SDUSD relevant excerpts from that article highlighted.

We urge our readers to click on the title and read the full article for themselves.


‘One More Hugely Disruptive Thing’: Teachers to Leave Mid-Year Under Retirement Deal

More than a hundred teachers will leave their posts mid-year under a San Diego Unified retirement incentive. Details about how district officials plan to handle the vacancies and turnover remain elusive to many employees, principals and families.

By Ashly McGlone


Their classes will not be over, but their teachers will be gone.

That may be the situation thousands of students will face after returning from winter break this year thanks to a Dec. 31 retirement incentive offered by the San Diego Unified School District. The departures will come midway through the school year and for the upper grades, weeks before their quarter ends in late January.

District officials declined to provide preliminary retirement numbers, but union representatives told Voice of San Diego 130 members of the teachers’ union submitted retirement papers by the deadline last week, plus 26 administrators (including two principals and three vice principals) and another 200 or so non-teaching employees, like office, maintenance and food workers.


Details about how district officials plan to handle the vacancies and turnover remained elusive to many employees, principals and families this week, stakeholders told Voice of San Diego Wednesday.

What they decide could have an exponential impact on classrooms – which are supposed to welcome more students back to campus beginning Jan. 4 for elementary schools and Jan. 25 for middle and high schools if the district’s reopening plans being negotiated come to pass, and if public health circumstances allow.

Will the district use substitutes or new hires to finish out the quarter or year? Will they pull teachers from other schools or the same school, and shuffle their existing students into other classrooms? Declining enrollment has left some classrooms less full and able to absorb more students without exceeding class size caps, but doing the shuffle could disrupt twice the number of classrooms. It is also unclear how grading decisions will be made, and whether new teachers can remake the syllabus or change the weight given to different factors, like tests or homework.


Kisha Borden, president of the teachers’ union, said union officials tried to get the district to offer the retirement deal at the end of the school year.

“Ultimately, they were insistent that the only type of incentive they would agree to is one that was for people who retired December 31 without any flexibility,” Borden wrote in an email. “The Education Code wouldn’t allow them to use substitutes to cover a classroom without an assigned teacher, but the District has assured us that their regular hiring process will allow them to have enough applicants to fill vacancies that still exist on January 4.”


Serra High School physics teacher Ralf Uebel is taking the retirement deal after 20 years at the district but is highly concerned about the timing and lack of a transition plan thus far. He also does not see why teachers could not finish the quarter in January before leaving, and worries teachers will be seen as the bad guy leaving students in the lurch. He teaches three physics classes totaling 80 students.

“The kids definitely have the short end of the stick,” Uebel said. “I don’t have enough detail about it, but it seems like this is just about the money. … This makes us look like the jerks too, and I can see the public raising concerns. ‘You come here and leave kids out to dry for three weeks.’ My main question is why is the district even putting everyone in this situation?”

District officials did not respond to VOSD’s questions about the timing of the incentive.


But he’s now wracked with worry over the departure. If the plan is to use substitutes, he worries they will not be properly trained or equipped, and every day counts with this year’s modified schedule.

“Instead of 180 days’ instruction, there’s only 90 days per classroom,” he said.

He is also not sure how grading will be handed off. Even if the new teacher can see the student’s prior grade, they will likely have discretion over what percentage to allot to homework, versus quizzes and tests.


For Allbritton, the mother of a Serra High student and a middle-schooler at Grant K-8, “it just seems like one more hugely disruptive thing.”

Allbritton is also frustrated by the district’s messaging.

“My concern is there is a disconnect between the experience of families in the home and this rainbows and unicorns vision put out by the central office. You want to keep morale up and you don’t want to be doom and gloom, but when there is this huge disconnect between this, it is really hard,” and saying, “‘We are doing great’ makes it harder.”

She also warns it is not just teacher departures that will rock schools.

Losing a nurse or custodian before opening the doors to more students will be awful timing, she argued, and other classified employees have “a lot of institutional knowledge … Whether transportation, food service, whether paraeducators or even the folks that do IT, nursing. You just go through the list and so many of those positions, they may not be the same as a teacher, but to someone those are critical positions and are really hard to bring in a sub.”


Amanda Hammond-Williams, principal of Alice Birney Elementary School for the last 19 years, will have to navigate those waters. She said less than 10 percent of her 45 employees are taking the offer, including teaching and non-teaching employees.

Still, “it’s going to have an impact on all of us,” Hammond-Williams said. “I’m still waiting for guidance.”

“For the new teacher coming in, I would like the opportunity for my team to be able to go through the interview process and make a decision with me rather than just have someone placed in the position,” she said. She also hopes retiring teachers can “hand-off” their class to the next person and have “some kind of community building,” but with only six weeks to go before winter break, “the clock is ticking.”

The timing is also difficult for students, although having classes online only so far this year may make it less difficult.

“Online learning is hard. Relationship-building is hard,” Hammond-Williams said. “We don’t know how the transition is going to impact a class. I wonder if there is going to be any significant impact psychologically. I hope there is an opportunity for a transition before we go out on break.”


San Diego Unified spokeswoman Maureen Magee did not answer questions about the incentive, other than to say it did not need advance board approval because they will be “managed internally” and a third-party “service contract was not required.” The deals will go to the board for final approval in December, she said.


SURPRISE!!!  Another dysfunctional, ill-advised and educationally harmful decision by incompetent SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten and her White Woman Mafia senior leadership gang.

This desperation move by Marten, without any Board of Education oversight, is obviously in direct response to the thousands of Students fleeing the SDUSD for much better homeschooling, learning pods and Charter School educational options.

The statements in the article by the Teachers Union, Principal and Parents would be laughable if they weren’t so sad.  Apparently they have all been drinking the corrupt Marten “kool-aid” for the last seven years that makes them think that negative educational impacts on Students actually have any impact on the corrupt Marten decision making.

Of course Marten doesn’t care that “The kids definitely have the short end of the stick,”

Why would the teacher or the head of the SDEA Teachers Union be surprised when they both contractually supported “Instead of 180 days’ instruction, there’s only 90 days per classroom,”…what a joke!

Students, especially the neediest Student in the poorest areas of the district, have ALWAYS gotten the short end of the stick by the corrupt Marten regime…why would anyone be surprised?

Or the parent statement that “there is a disconnect between the experience of families in the home and this rainbows and unicorns vision put out by the central office”

Really?!?  Telling lies and fighting lawsuits to cover up SDUSD misdeeds is the primary purpose of the Propaganda, Quality Assurance and Legal Departments under Marten and unwittingly supported by manipulated and ignored SDUSD “Advisory Boards” that are corruptly used to check the mandatory “community involvement” funding requirement box.

How about the Principal saying  “I’m still waiting for guidance.”

Is this a quote from March, 2013 or November, 2020?  SDUSD Stakeholders have been waiting for real educational leadership and guidance since Marten was improperly appointed, and are still waiting!!!

We have now added another item to our long list of Trustee and Superintendent educational offenses during the Covid 19 Pandemic: “Damaging and Improper elimination of hundreds of key employees via retirement incentive mid 1st semester.”

To bring our readers up to date, the total lack of disaster recovery planning PRIOR to the pandemic and subsequent failures since the six week delay at the end of last school year (2019/20) and continuing this school year (2020/21) include the following District Deeds list of Trustee and Superintendent educational offenses:

  • Damaging and Improper elimination of hundreds of key employees mid semester.
  • Dysfunctional Standards Based Grading
  • Disorganized Four Phase School Reopening Scam/Plan
  • ZERO SDUSD Standards Based Grading Plan Transparency, Accountability and Community Collaboration
  • ZERO SDUSD 2020/21 Reopening Plan Transparency and Community Collaboration
  • ZERO Operational Budget Transparency used to hide TOTAL Operational Budget Mismanagement.
  • ZERO Transparency of SDUSD performance BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • ZERO Accountability for SDUSD LACK of performance since BEFORE and DURING the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Phase 1 Educational Supports denied to tens of thousands of the most disadvantaged Students
  • OPTIONAL Boot Camp Professional Development for Teachers – FAIL.
  • Individualized “disadvantaged Student” supports with NO Equity Rules, Standards or Tracking.
  • Every Cluster, School, Principal, Teacher and Student for themselves “custom” school site  “strategy” by incompetent Supt. Marten creating gross inequities  from classroom to classroom.
  • Only 3 hours per day vs 5 hours per day of live teaching.
  • Only 3 periods per day vs 5 periods per day of live teaching.
  • No Teacher Evaluations.
  • No Smarter Balanced tests in Math and English language arts.
  • No California Science Test
  • No Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • Minimal California (ELPAC) for English learners
  • Minimal California School Dashboard

But there may be a HUGE upside to the retirement package…and a hint for possible things to come.

The election this past Tuesday, November 3, 2020 brought two key issues that could possibly lead to the corrupt and incompetent SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten leaving the SDUSD.

The first issue is that Prop C passed which, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, “would change the general election so that only sub-district voters get to vote on their representative.”

This means that the next election will allow local candidates to compete against SDEA crony candidates like Tricky Dick Barrera, Payne and “Evans Clone” Bazzo.  This also means that there could be new Trustees that would actually hold Marten accountable for her gross financial, operational and educational mismanagement.

This is obviously not a good development for Marten.

The second, and most impactful, development is the election of Joe Biden as President.

We are not claiming any of the following rumors are completely accurate, but they fit the Marten profile for seeking jobs for which she is not qualified (i.e. Elementary Principal to Superintendent).

There have been numerous, unfounded rumors within the SDUSD that Marten was getting ready to take a job with the new Hillary Clinton Education Department in 2016.  Martens’ connections with Diane Ravitch and other educational elites were rumored to be paving the way for her departure.

Unfortunately for Marten, and ALL SDUSD Stakeholders, that appointment obviously never happened and her school district operational and financial management weaknesses have been repeatedly exposed.  But apparently Marten didn’t give up.

Since then, the incompetent Marten has also been rumored for applying for multiple jobs in the Democrat controlled State of California Department of Education, again with zero positive results.  Not surprising since they have first hand knowledge of how horrible of a Superintendent she is.  All she can get is crony Democrat appointments to committees that support her homage to Teacher Unions by the super majority Democrat California Administration.

As an independent voter we realize that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We believe that super majorities by any party corrupt absolutely.

But now, with a new Democrat run Department of Education soon taking over, Marten has new hope to leave.

The HINT that Marten is leaving will come on WHICH of the “26 administrators” are taking the early retirement package.

If ANY of Martens’ Senior Staff inner circle decide to leave by early retirement, that is a great sign that Marten is looking for, or has actually been promised, a new job in the new Biden administration!!!

Let’s ADD a 27th Administrator…cross your fingers!!!!

We ARE NOT verifying that any of these actions are actually going to come true, but in the spirit of the SDUSD “rainbows and unicorns vision put out by the central office”, this can be classified as a “rainbows and unicorns vision put out by DISTRICT DEEDS”!!!

We believe that with a new federal Democrat administration, the possibilities of Marten leaving the SDUSD are getting better and better.  Hopefully her record of incompetence and corruption won’t make it to Washington D.C. like it has to Sacramento!

C’mon man…maybe Marten CAN think her way out of a paper bag…if it is damp enough!!!!

C’mon man…she pulled the Trump letter from the federal food boxes just for you!

C’mon Joe…Hire Marten!!!

This all comes down to our Quote of the Week below from last night.

“I’ve always believed we can define America in one word: Possibilities.” – President-Elect Joseph Biden








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