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SDUSD Coronavirus Education Mirage List

After 49 lost instructional days (25 days of delay and 24 days of no accountability/substandard education), here are the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Fantasyland  educational “standards” being represented by incompetent Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten and backed by the corrupt School Board led by Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera:

  • ZERO planning input or involvement allowed from Parent, Guardian, Student or Community Stakeholders.
  • ALL Parent, Guardian, Student and Community Stakeholders are to blame for any failures
  • No District, State or Federal Testing to measure amount of educational erosion
  • No uniform, published, enforced Teacher performance standards – According to SDUSD/SDEA MOU , no disciplinary action can be taken during this Sandimic.
  • No Class Scheduling standards…decisions left up to individual School/Teacher
  • No meaningful Student grading – grades can only go up.
  • No Student or Teacher attendance standards
  • No verified/audited/published financial plan for thousands of frantically distributed Chromebook Laptops and Hotspots to Students including associated financial risk.
  • No verified/audited/published Computer/Internet access reports for ALL Students by standard socioeconomic category.
  • No verified/audited/published class logon or participation reports for ALL Students by standard socioeconomic category.
  • No verified/audited/published plan or attempt to make up lost instructional days.


PDF Link to List: Coronavirus Education Mirage List 5-10-20

As an ongoing feature especially for the Coronavirus Pandemic, we will begin to show the progress, or total lack thereof, of the SDUSD leadership via relevant LOCAL news articles by LOCAL Reporters (if available) that focus on the SDUSD Sandimic.

Below is an interesting article and other information we received and discovered this past week regarding the Coronavirus AND Racist Murder of George Floyd impact to K-12 education…


DISTRICT DEEDS EDITOR NOTE: Given the relevance and immediacy of current conditions in the San Diego Unified School District, the following article has been provided in its entirety:


Former Georgia Teacher of the Year Urges Colleagues to Reach Out to Students in Wake of Protests

By Casey Bethel

Casey Bethel was Georgia’s 2017 Teacher of the Year. In this essay in response to the Atlanta protests, Bethel draws on what he has learned as a teacher, as the sponsor of an all-boys mentoring club during the time of Mike Brown’s death and the subsequent protests in 2014, and as a black man in America.

It is safe to assume that everyone everywhere watched the past few nights as protests erupted in cities across this country ignited by yet another round of video-recorded but unexplained deaths of Black Americans.

News reports show countless young people in the streets, some of them smashing windows and setting buildings afire. The riots took a much different level of importance when I saw my own state included. I watched the destruction in Atlanta on Friday night and worried about what would come on Saturday. 

However, amidst it all, for the teacher in me, three important memories came to mind. Thankfully, these thoughts have crafted what I firmly believe is the best strategy for me, for educators and all of us to get out of this.  

Just this Thursday, I gave a workshop to a few dozen teachers about Diversity and Equity in schools and I began by asking “What is the purpose of education?” The workshop was planned weeks ago but when the time came it was two days after George Floyd’s death and the day after the first Minneapolis riot.

Decidedly, that question became the emphasis of the entire talk. The purpose of education is to equip young people to understand the world around them. No doubt, lessons from physics helped them appreciate the space shuttle launch today, and math concepts assist them in comprehending daily COVID-19 statistics.

We must also remember the ability to think critically, to communicate and to practice empathy are needed for them to come to grips with the difficult news of these recent events. I am not a psychologist, but I shared online this week that “seeing people who look like you killed un-necessarily on TV each week is a type of trauma that is extremely difficult to process.” My sureness in that statement is rooted in my second memory. 

Imagine me, teaching seniors and running an all-boys mentoring club at my high school during the time of Mike Brown’s death and the subsequent protests in 2014. Like a good teacher and mentor, I tried my absolute best to help the young people entrusted to me to make sense of it all. In reality, I could offer no real concrete answers but I listened to their questions and validated their fear, confusion and pain. I vividly recall the things they said and the tears we all shed.

Thankfully, I have been in contact with many of those same young people online this week, now grown, and many of them confirming how helpful those sessions were.  

I tell you this – the young faces I see on the news at night remind me of my students – I recognize those same questions and those same frustrations. But what is missing is a sense of refuge, of understanding and validation. I agree with media reports that there are probably some criminal elements involved in the riots, but I firmly believe that the vast majority of young people out there are legitimately in pain.

Where is their safe space? Where is their productive outlet? My heart breaks for them. I don’t know if the vacuum exists because the pandemic has stripped down student-teacher relationships or because school is closed for the summer, but I maintain the belief in my heart that teachers have the tools and abilities to talk these young people off the ledge. 

When I watch them running through the streets, I hear the words from Les Miserables: “Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men.”

The young people in Atlanta and cities all across America are angry, and rightfully so. But who is listening?

Sadly, we know that just like the musical, violent revolt will not produce the desired result. But how can they know that if we don’t teach them – and this is a perfect teachable moment. 

I call on all teachers, administrators, coaches, club sponsors, mentors, youth pastors and everyone who can combine a loving heart and deep rooted hope for a better future to REACH OUT. Now is not the time to fold our arms. Instead, it is instead the time to extend them. Call, text and check up on all of the young people in your circle, rioter or not.

Resist the urge to lecture them. Listen. Hear them out. Cry with them. Reassure them. Then share your wisdom. 

I end with this revelation. I, Casey Bethel, am wise at 41. But at 20 years old, I might have been out there tearing stuff up too – not because it is right, but because I needed guidance. So, if you love me today, perhaps you can love them as well. Nothing I said is meant to excuse their poor decisions or law-breaking actions. I only hope to remind us to exercise the same empathy and growth mindset in this situation that we bring to our classrooms every day.

We, TEACHERS, can lead our city and country forward during this time by providing the education that is helpful during this time.

District Deeds Synopsis:

District Deeds has been horrified by the murder of Mr. George Floyd and similar racist murders across the nation and in San Diego.

We are sure that this moving article by an Atlanta Teacher symbolizes the deep commitment of many San Diego Unified School District  “teachers, administrators, coaches, club sponsors, mentors, youth pastors and everyone who can combine a loving heart and deep rooted hope for a better future“. 

District Deeds adds Community Members, Education Activists, Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters and District Deeds to that list.

The excellent suggestion by the Teacher author to “REACH OUT” in a supportive way to ALL current and past Students in the following way is critical:

Now is not the time to fold our arms. Instead, it is instead the time to extend them. Call, text and check up on all of the young people in your circle, rioter or not.

Resist the urge to lecture them. Listen. Hear them out. Cry with them. Reassure them. Then share your wisdom. 

District Deeds is a blog created to investigate the performance (or lack thereof) of the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) so when the reaction of the nation to the murder of Mr. Floyd exploded, we began searching for the SDUSD Leadership response and guidance regarding impact of of this racist murder on its’ 103,000 Students, over 200,000 families and over 16,000 employees.

We looked on the District Website:

Absolutely NOTHING!

Then we searched the news for “Cindy Marten George Floyd” looking for a quote or other news story relating to how Students can deal with this racist murder.


Then we went to the SDUSD propaganda “Newscenter”

Again, NOTHING regarding how Students could deal with the racist murder, just a “puff piece” featuring a favorite ESS Marten crony non-profit and their weak “No Place for Hate” program in only 33 out of 150 schools that District Deeds has witnessed as nothing more than glossy posters plastered all over the campus with virtually ZERO REAL FOLLOWUP to overt racism, fights, bullying, sexual abuse or any other Student danger crisis.

What more could we expect from ESS Marten, the leader of the SDUSD White Women Mafia?

What more could we expect from a school district run by the incompetent Marten that wreaks EDUCATIONAL abuse every single day based on the Black/African American 2018/2019 CAASP Test Scores in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics   (PDF)  (Link):

ESS Cindy Marten SDUSD 2018/19 CAASP Results

Black/African American Students: 

English Language Arts/Literacy: 62.38 BELOW STANDARD

Mathematics:  71.92%  BELOW STANDARD

After corruptly directing MILLIONS of dollars AWAY from the neediest Students, it is NO SURPRISE that ESS Cindy Marten and Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick Barrera have corruptly used the Coronavirus Pandemic to try and eliminate ALL Student Performance Testing and SDUSD accountability through the Urban LEA May Revise Response Letter 5.18.2020

To clearly understand the insidious racial bias in the SDUSD we urge you to read Disrupting Implicit Racial Bias and Other Forms of Discrimination to Improve Access, Achievement, and Wellness for Students of Color” by David J. Johns, Executive Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans (WHIEEAA) during the President Barack Obama administration.

After reviewing the 2018/19 CAASP test results; the LEA Letter and the outstanding presentation by Mr. Johns, we have a question for our District Deeds readers:

Is Black/African American English Language Arts/Literacy: 62.38 BELOW STANDARD and Mathematics:  71.92%  BELOW STANDARD equivalent to Educational Murder of THOUSANDS of Black/African American Students?

District Deeds believes that the CAASP scores are proof of the SDUSD leadership knee on the neck of every Black/African American Student.

If you believe that since at least 2013, educational malpractice and corruption by SDUSD Leadership has lead to the racist educational murder of THOUSANDS of Black/African American Students Students, the individuals responsible for this educational crime must be held accountable and be removed from their positions.



Now for our Quote of the Week:

“You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you’re making progress … No matter how much respect, no matter how much recognition, whites show towards me, as far as I am concerned, as long as it is not shown to everyone of our people in this country, it doesn’t exist for me” – Malcolm X 


ESS Marten Sandimic Motto:  

Hardly Work, Act Blind, Lie Big, Make Excuses




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