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District Deeds is honored to post the following Open Letter to the SDUSD by Mr. Roosevelt Blackmon in District E:


Dear Neighbors, Allies, Friends and Family of SDUSD District E:

My name is Roosevelt Blackmon and I’m currently the Lincoln Cluster Chair / Gompers Preparatory Charter SSC Chair and a single father of two children who attend two District E schools.

My experiences of involvement as a parent are mixed with success and disheartening challenges.

I’m writing you today with my heart full of Hope…a sentiment that may feel out of place in a time when our Community and Nation adjust to the new normal of Covid-19. The issues that face our community include the continued lack of shared resources for our children along with equity and basic human decency.

For example, take a look at the difference between the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and the local Charter Schools response in dealing with Online Distance Learning.

The SDUSD took TWO MONTHS to respond to our children’s educational needs and now some of our most vulnerable children have fallen further behind while Charter Schools in our area immediately responded with Administrators, Teachers and Counselors reaching out to all their Students to assure the full continuation of their education.

As if the substandard SDUSD response and harm to our Students isn’t bad enough, the SDUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Cindy Marten are threatening to not open our District schools in the fall unless they get $178 million.

This sounds like what the Oxford Dictionary describes as:

This ultimatum is just playing politics with our children lives. This should outrage every parent and community member because of the SDUSD leadership total lack of human decency and concern. The lack of quality education for our children in District E also cannot be hidden…it’s in your face, Just check the Reading and Math scores for your school in District E.

My BIG question to our Community is when will enough be enough – how long are we going to allow political maneuvering to harm our kids education?

Unity is needed to combat this wrong, and we need to join together as a Community stand up for our kids’ educational rights.

Who will join me in fighting this injustice?

If you are interested, please email me at: roseveblackm@aol.com

Thank you for reading…I look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Roosevelt Blackmon

Parent/Lincoln Cluster Chair/Gompers Charter School SSC Chair 





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