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The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) has officially closed all schools for 3 weeks…March 16 – April 6 2020…with virtually NO DISASTER RECOVERY EDUCATIONAL PLAN by Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten (aka: CINDY-20) for the ongoing education of over 100,000 Students and thereby causing the 2020 SDUSD EDUCATIONAL SANDEMIC.

Given the educational leadership Sandemic created by CINDY-20 during the COVID-19 Coronavirus shutdown, District Deeds will try and fill a small part of the huge educational gap with articles, news and a special Page dedicated to tools, strategies and  materials for families who are bearing the brunt of CINDY-20 inexperience and incompetence.

The link to the new page (Also listed on the top of the District Deeds blog) is:

San Diego Unified School District “CINDY-2020” Sandimic Educational Resources

Below is an interesting article and other information we received and discovered this past week regarding the impact to K-12 education…


Confusion Reigns as California Families Ponder Coronavirus Homeschool

With the coronavirus pandemic raging and 99% of schools likely closed through summer, state education authorities are urging families to do their best with online classes, PBS and homeschooling. How it all will work out is unclear.

Quote from Article:

Just about all of California’s K-12 public schools have closed to limit contact and crowds that could pass on the virus. Most made the announcements late last week, with many presenting the shutdown as a temporary disruption that would last two to four weeks. 

On Tuesday, however, as the death toll rose and the full implications of the crisis sank in, Gov. Gavin Newsom let the other shoe drop: Those closures would probably last through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, he predicted, and might cost kids three months or more of instruction inside physical schools.

As parents across the state reeled, the governor added that parents might want to homeschool their children while school districts figure out how to make the tectonic shift from regular classroom instruction to distance learning. 


But many questions about how California public schools will continue to educate their 6.2 million students remain unanswered. The state issued broad guidance to school districts late Tuesday as they weighed basic logistical questions around how to feed students and families who rely on schools for nutrition and how to educate them under unprecedented circumstances.

On Wednesday, Newsom signed an executive order formally following through on plans to forgo standardized testing for California students. At a Wednesday webinar hosted by the California Department of Education, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond supported Newsom’s order, saying standardized testing should be the least of worries for students and teachers.


Thurmond and other school leaders reiterated that students and families should not be under the assumption that shuttered schools mean no more instruction for the rest of the school year, which runs through mid-June for most districts.

“I want everyone to understand that while we are in very unique circumstances and times, we are still providing education to our students,” Thurmond said. “School is not out, but we are finding a different way to deliver it.”


Troy Flint, spokesman for the California School Boards Association, said the priorities laid out in the state’s guidance — feeding kids, transitioning to distance learning, finding safe ways to maintain childcare options for working families — were “laudable goals.” But he also said the shift toward distance learning raises questions about how schools will ensure equitable learning opportunities and their overall preparedness in making such dramatic shifts.

A national survey of 1,165 K-12 school leaders by Education Week found that 41% of respondents felt that their schools were not prepared to provide distance learning to students for a single school day, though another 22% felt adequately prepared. 

“We’re in an unprecedented time,” Flint said.  “And frankly, the existing infrastructure both in schools and in the home, as well as the existing level of professional development and level of access to technology throughout the state, is not at a stage where we can implement a universal plan for distance learning that will provide equitable access for students statewide.”

One issue that schools will have to confront in their distance learning transitions is the deep socioeconomic disparity that cuts through the state’s schools and its students. About 6 in 10 students rely on schools for nutrition. In some large, urban districts such as Los Angeles the proportion of socioeconomically disadvantaged students is  80%.


That translates to disparate opportunities in learning remotely. In South Los Angeles, Adriana Fuentes recently called AT&T to try to order an internet connection while her kids, 13, 10 and 8, are out of school. But the company told her it would be more than $90 a month plus an installation fee. The family can’t afford it, she said.

“They kept wanting to sell me a package, I just want internet for the kids but it’s too expensive,” she said in Spanish. “For health reasons it’s fine they are home, but they are going to lose so much academic learning and I am concerned about that.”

Fuentes’ daughter Kimberly, 13, misses school, she said. Her school-issued tablet doesn’t function well even though it’s supposed to have internet service on it.


Schools shouldn’t assume that this means a one-size-fits-all approach, said Shanine Coats, who leads the state education department’s Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division.

Distance learning could mean a teacher delivering virtual lessons to students to independent online learning using computers, or instructional television. Coats and other officials singled out plans by Los Angeles Unified School District and Miami-Dade Public Schools — both among the nation’s largest school districts — that have partnered with local PBS member stations to create instructional programming for students who are away from school.

“This is a good option for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations because in general, even if a student does not have access to a device or wi-fi, they may more than likely have a television in their home,” Coats said.

Though the state said it plans to update its guidance every week, along with introducing new guidance on serving special needs students, how schools deliver instruction to students mainly rests on the shoulders of local school officials and, for the time being, parents.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A very interesting article that spells out the current condition of the impact of the Coronavirus on California K-12 public schools.

The most revealing quote from the article is the following:

Though the state said it plans to update its guidance every week, along with introducing new guidance on serving special needs students, how schools deliver instruction to students mainly rests on the shoulders of local school officials and, for the time being, parents.

This means is that during this Coronavirus pandemic, the educational success of every SDUSD Student  “mainly rests on the shoulders of” two compulsive liars – incompetent Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten and Board of Education Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera.

Last Sunday on District Deeds Sunday Reads – March 15, 2020: SDUSD Sandimic Week 1 we called out Marten for lying:

Voice of San Diego article, Friday, 3/13/20: “Everything We Know About School Closure Plans in San Diego

Quote from article:

“I asked Superintendent Cindy Marten why they made the decision not to promote more online learning through sending home the devices. She said because the district doesn’t have enough laptops for everyone, some students would get left out. She thought it would create more inequity by giving some, instead of all students, devices.”

Rating: 3 Cinocchio

Six days later, on Thursday 3/19/20, compulsive liar “Poster Child” Cindy during an interview on CBS8 San Diego told the reporter (at 1:25 into the interview) confirmed that she is a compulsive liar when she told the reporter:

“We are a district that is a full 1 to 1 district, every student in our district has computers.” – Compulsive Liar SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten

Marten, by her own words this week is a self incriminated liar…just like we said with our “3 Cinocchio” rating.

Our second compulsive liar of the week is corrupt SDUSD Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera with TWO LIES IN THE SAME INTERVIEW!

In an interview with KPBS Tricky Dick Barrera said:

“So for learning options when students left school on Friday, they all went home with packets of work for the next couple of weeks. That included reading materials included, uh, you know, guided questions and included, uh, journals for writing.” – Compulsive Liar SDUSD Board of Education Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera

ALSO as we said last week in District Deeds Sunday Reads – March 15, 2020: SDUSD Sandimic Week 1, 

Is it possible that some teachers were “furiously printing out work packets” to give out to some students?

Possibly, but Teachers didn’t learn about the closures until the afternoon, AFTER the Principals meeting.  Most of their classes were over by the time they learned of the school closures and additionally burdened from removing all their personal belongings from their classrooms by the end of day Friday.

Why would Teachers be distributing work packets given the following communication from her office to administrators on Friday:

“ we are not currently planning to replace or supplant core instruction with online learning but rather will provide supplemental activities that are designed to provide students and parents with opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom…

Teachers do not need to provide students with lesson plans, just access to the materials.

Work is considered enrichment and will not be graded.”

If the memo from SDUSD leadership doesn’t prove that Barrera is a liar, how about quotes on Friday, 3/20/20 from 2019 Teachers of the Year.

One teacher said about the Student/Teacher communication and “packets of work”:

Q: Have you had a chance to get in touch with families or students?

A: I’ve been communicating with parents who have reached out to me. But like them, I have more questions than answers.

Doesn’t sound like “furiously copied” packets of work to us.

It sounds like the Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students  have received ZERO meaningful educational direction from compulsive liars Marten and Barrera.

The second lie by Barrera is a typical of compulsive liars who lie for no reason.

But compulsively,  Tricky Dick Barrera felt compelled to take the Marten computers lie one step further…he actually lied that Computers were ALREADY being distributed to all Students.

You can read this for yourself in the KPBS Barrera Transcript

In the KPBS interview he said:

“And we are home delivering computers with wifi hotspots so that every student will have access, uh, to the, um, online tools that they need to participate in online learning.” – Compulsive Liar SDUSD Board of Education Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera

So let’s get these lies straight…

Per Marten, the plan (that couldn’t be created for lack of enough computers) being developed for the delivery of previously non-existent computers to every student are ALREADY being delivered without a plan according to Barrera!

The REAL truth is that Marten and Barrera lie so much that they can’t keep their lies straight and they can’t be believed for anything that they say!

For Families, Teachers, Principals and Staff that are already living under the financial, medical and social insecurity and anxiety of the Coronavirus Pandemic, they are faced with another existential threat to the educational survival of our Students:

The 2020 SDUSD EDUCATIONAL SANDEMIC caused by ESS Marten and Tricky Dick lies and incompetence!

This total lack of disaster recovery preparation and the ongoing leadership and communication lies and dysfunction is totally unacceptable and disgraceful.

Our only hope is that the thousands of SDUSD employees who are being forced to create and deploy a remote learning initiative at risk to their health in the midst of a Pandemic crisis because of TOTAL LEADERSHIP INCOMPETENCE AND LIES will receive all the support our SDUSD Stakeholder community can provide.

The corrupt and incompetent SDUSD Leadership headed by ESS Marten and Tricky Dick also need our encouragement in at least 2 ways…

We must encourage “Poster Child” Cindy and Tricky Dick to:

  1.  NOT take credit after the fact for a disaster induced emergency education plan that is being developed and carried out by the SDUSD Employee and Student/Family victims of their incompetence.
  2. Resign for their corruption, lies and incompetence by neglecting to create a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Marten and Barrera have done enough damage to ALL SDUSD Stakeholders.

Now, instead of a Quote of the Week here is a Video of the Week:

Have a SAFE week!!!



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