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ANYTHING for Phony PR!

Social Distancing Anyone?

The CINDY-20 Education Sandimic has a familiar “Poster Child”!

It hardly took ill-equipped San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten a half day of school closures on Monday to exploit a hungry Student with a phony and dangerous PR stunt on Facebook.

Even more shocking is that Marten violated the 6 foot social distancing  guideline and put Students at a health risk.

How many OTHER Students were handed food improperly because of “Poster Child” Cindy?

There is evidence that dedicated SDUSD employees and Families were put at risk by also handing out food improperly with no Coronavirus protection and apparently no guidance or leadership by “Poster Child” Cindy.

Here is an example on that same SDUSD Facebook post:

Instead of the PR stunt a REAL Superintendent and operational leader would have been deploying safety standards and verifying that those standards were actually being followed by all distribution points.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Marten has masqueraded as a food service worker.

Way back on July 3, 2015 we posted “Cindy-PLEASE DO NO MORE HARM TO SDUSD STUDENTS…Take the Food Service Job!” where we actually suggested that Marten resign and take a food service job slinging lunches…a job that she is much more qualified for than her current role as a Superintendent with no administrative or leadership experience!!!

Marten hasn’t  made any progress in 5 years as a Superintendent OR a food service worker.

However we DID NOT recommend 5 years ago that Marten violate guidance by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) during a pandemic that says:

Achieving space between individuals of approximately six feet is advisable. Additionally, there is a particular focus on creating space between individuals who have come together on a one-time or rare basis and who have very different travel patterns such as those coming from multiple countries, states or counties.

Obviously the distance between Marten and the hungry Student was much less than 6 feet and we are sure that they are “individuals who have come together on a one-time or rare basis and who have very different travel patterns”….a clear violation of the CDPH guidelines that put the hungry, very young Student and the boy next to her at risk.

Obviously the distance between the dedicated employees and hungry SDUSD Families without gloves and the six foot space was also a clear violation of the CDPH guidelines.

Obviously Marten prefers her comfort zone role of parading as a food service worker for PR since she doesn’t have the capacity or credentials to perform the hard work of being a REAL Superintendent and protecting ALL Students, Families and Employees.

Governor Newsom said today that schools might be closed for the rest of the school year!!!

Without knowing exactly how long this pandemic will last and instead of focusing with IT technical experts within the SDUSD and in the world renowned San Diego “high tech” community to identify a way to provide ALL students remote learning tablets and curriculums as safely and as soon as possible, incompetent and dangerous $330,000 per year ESS Marten wasted valuable time to violate CDPH recommendations for a cheap PR stunt.

We DO NOT believe that Marten is intentionally infecting contacts…neither did Typhoid Mary.

But this stunt shows ALL SDUSD Stakeholders what is really important to “Poster Child” Marten.

Not Computer Tablets FOR ALL Students.

Not remote learning and curriculum FOR ALL Students.

Not adhering to CDPH safety guidelines WITH ALL Students.

Not the hard work to keep the educational commitment to ALL Students.

What is REALLY important to “Poster Child” Marten are easy and phony PR stunts that allow her to present an artificial persona that cover up her total leadership incompetence.

The BIGGEST problem is that Marten continues to perform her administrative role as an Elementary School Principal rather than the highly paid Superintendent of the 7th largest school district in the United States.

Even after 5 years of “on the job” training, the huge jump to SDUSD Superintendent with virtually no credentials clearly illustrates Marten’s total lack of Senior Education Administration capability in a worldwide crisis when that capability is needed the most for the safety and educational success of over 200,000 SDUSD Students, Family Members and Employees.

And we ask:

How many more Students and Employees will need to be carelessly put at risk mentally and physically by PR stunts and no administrative leadership credentials before she is booted out or fired?

Marten has clearly risen to her level of incompetence so it depends how long the corrupt and complicit SDUSD Board of Education with Trustee  Tricky Dick Barrera stay in office and allow it to happen.

Disgraceful…and DANGEROUS!

“Poster Child” Marten must resign or be forced out for the good of ALL SDUSD Stakeholders…especially the Students!



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FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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