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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week…


Is School Segregation Really Getting Worse?

Quote from Article:

Recently the New York Times ran a story about “Deepening School Segregation,” based on the latest iteration of research from UCLA’s Civil Rights Project. Similar articles in recent years include The Atlantic’s Schools Are More Segregated Today than During the Late 1960s,” “Segregation worse in schools 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education from the Seattle Times, and “Segregation Worsening in U.S. Schools” from USA Today.

Such headlines understandably generate outrage. But they are also largely at odds with a competing body of rigorous research on the topic that finds that segregation has been relatively flat, or even declined, over the past few decades.

At the root of the discrepancy is an issue of measurement. If you look closely, you can probably spot the issue in this paragraph from the Times’ article that is based on the Civil Rights Project research:

Today, the decreasing white share of the public school population across the country may lead some to believe that schools are becoming more integrated. But the reverse is true, according to the report. The percentage of intensely segregated schools, defined as those where less than 10 percent of the student body is white, tripled between 1988 and 2016, from 6 to 18 percent.

Additionally, consider that the Civil Rights Project also finds that “The percentage of white students enrolled in intensely segregated white schools has also decreased from 36.1% in 2006 to…19.6% in 2016.”

These snippets might cause your spidey sense to tingle, and for good reason. The share of minority students has increased such that they now make up a majority of all students in U.S. schools, and this has implications for how we measure segregation.


The methods that scholars use to measure segregation largely fall into two categories—absolute measures and relative measures. As Sean Reardon of Stanford University and Ann Owens of University of Southern California have noted, “The debate about whether the last two decades can be characterized as a period of resegregation largely hinges” on which type of these measures one employs.


Absolute measures quantify the extent to which students from one demographic group are exposed to or isolated from another demographic group. For example, the exposure index tracks the average percentage of minority students’ peers who are white, while the isolation index tracks the average percentage of their peers who are of the same race or ethnicity. 


Using absolute measures to make comparisons across time is akin to comparing the price of a loaf of bread in 1988 to the price in 2015 without adjusting for inflation. Bread may appear to be more expensive when in fact, in relative terms, it is not.


In contrast, relative measures of segregation take into account the underlying composition of students, making them more comparable across locations and over time. They are also conceptually different in that they measure how evenly a given population of students is distributed across an entire school system. This makes intuitive sense, as segregation implies that some students are segregated from other students—relative to some underlying pool of students a school could enroll.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Very interesting article that will make us look closer at the propaganda that the San Diego Unified School District senior leadership spreads to cover up their incompetence and misdeeds.

One of the issues that fall into this category is the gradual elimination of school choice and busing.  We have written extensively on this topic describing how choice and busing have been reduced (Disaster Dump #5:  New SDUSD Choice/Busing Motto = “A Quality Charter School in Every Neighborhood”).

The ill advised “choice” of Elementary School Superintendent (ESS) Cindy Marten along with her crony Board of Education lead by Trustee Tricky Dick Barrera to force the poorest families to send their kids to underperforming neighborhood schools is despicable.  The “choice” by ESS Marten to cut busing, shorten the School Choice window and prevent new Charter School applications makes them triply despicable.

Triply despicable using either absolute OR relative measures!!!

How Schools Are ‘Spirit Murdering’ Black and Brown Students

Quote from Article:

In February of 2019, a positive behavior support coach who was employed by the district in Madison, Wis., allegedly physically assaulted and ripped the hair out of the head of an 11-year-old Black girl. In the same school district, several teachers and substitutes have been fired or resigned earlier this academic year after reports they used racial slurs in the classroom. In the neighboring school district of Middleton, Wis., a school bus driver was fired after the district confirmed he had slapped a Black child. All these incidents in Wisconsin happened within months of each other.


In Binghamton, N.Y., four 12-year-old Black girls reported they were strip-searched at their school for acting too hyper and giddy in January. School officials likely assumed the girls were on drugs because their Black joy was unrecognizable. Of course, no drugs were found and the district denies strip searching the girls.


What I am talking about is a slow death, a death of the spirit, a death that is built on racism and intended to reduce, humiliate, and destroy people of color.

Legal scholar Patricia Williams coined the term “spirit murdering” to argue that racism is more than just physical pain; racism robs people of color of their humanity and dignity and leaves personal, psychological, and spiritual injuries. Racism is traumatic because it is a loss of protection, safety, nurturance, and acceptance—all things children need to enter school and learn.


School officials continue to misdiagnose the spirit murdering happening in their schools every day, even in a time when folks are screaming in the streets that Black Lives Matter, demanding immigration rights, calling to end police brutality, standing up to Islamophobia and transphobia, and demanding racial justice. When schools mirror our society’s hate, educational justice becomes out of our reach.

District Deeds Synopsis:

This article was painful to read knowing how our multi-million dollar SDUSD legal department fights every single lawsuit brought by parents over the abuse of their children even when the district is clearly in the wrong.

When parents complain too much they are barred from the school site using a “Stay Away Demand Letter”.

Parent, Student, Teacher and Staff voices are pushed to “the back of the bus” in SDUSD school board meetings where they are forced to wait hours untill the end of the meeting to voice public comment.

Given this well established “Spirit Murdering” of Parents, Students, Teachers and Staff. isn’t it a simple conclusion that the SAME “Sprit Murdering” of the most vulnerable black and brown Students is occuring daily in the SDUSD under ESS Marten imcompetent leadership?

They’re Trying to Ban Charter Schools in California. Here’s Why That Matters.

Quote from Article:

About two years ago this time I had to write an explainer piece when the NAACP pushed for a moratorium on public charter schools. The reason? “While there are certainly some charter schools serving students well, there are also a wide range of problems with the operation of charters across the country that require attention.” To date, I think Chris Stewart has offered one of the best responses: “7 out of 8 Black public school students in America attend traditional public schools, so it goes without saying that the traditional public school system is far more responsible than charter schools for the inequities and outcomes of Black students.”

Yet, despite the facts, the war on charters continues. Yes, you read that right a war on public charter schools.


The most recent assault is happening in California—and it’s a big one. The California Teachers Association (CTA) has managed to move forward with a package of anti-charter bills that, in effect, stop all expansion of charter schools across the state. Their agenda aims to:

  1. Launch a 5-year charter moratorium.
  2. Make it harder for charters to get authorized by giving the districts virtually all power over the matter.
  3. Cap the number of charters at whatever it is right now and make it so having more than 10 percent of students attending charter schools in a district is against the law and;
  4. Put the brakes on charter schools finding a building to open a school outside of the district.

(If you’re looking to get into the weeds you can find a summary of each bill here.)


With all the attention to charter schools, you would be surprised to know that only 10.6% of students were enrolled in charter schools in California statewide in 2018. Only 10.6%.

But among those students are nearly 50,000 African American students across California. In fact, Black families are more likely to choose public charter schools than other ethnic subgroups. Here’s some insight into maybe why Black families are choosing public charter schools.

  • African American students in California are the third-lowest performing subgroup next to English-learners and students with disabilities.
  • Within the top 10 districts with the highest number of Black students enrolled, the average African-American achievement gap is 14.5 percent in English language arts and 15.2 percent in math when compared to the performance of all students.
  • Now compare this to the fact that in seven out of eight major school districts in California, Black charter school students are academically outperforming their peers in traditional district schools.


Jessica Spallino, a native of Southern California, highlights the democratic right to choice:

This exercise of choice demonstrates a pure characteristic of a democratic society as one that offers many benefits to its citizens and gives them freedom to make choices about their lives, to develop their potential as human beings and to live free from fear, harassment and discrimination. The continuous attempts to limit freedom of choice, based on declining revenue of an educational modality that no longer successfully serves all students, restricts students from this inherent Democratic right.

District Deeds Synopsis:

Following the “the top 10 districts with the highest number of Black students enrolled” link, we found clear evidence from the LA School Report titled “3 California NAACP chapters break with state and national leaders, calling for charter moratorium to be overturned

The San Diego Chapter of the NAACP is one of the 3 chapters and filed the following resoluution:

The San Diego Chapter of the NAACP counter resolution to end the national NAACP advocacy of the Charter School moratorium says it all.

Given the current SDUSD dictatorship, ALL families need as many choices as possible to avoid the SDUSD educational, ethical and moral disaster created by ESS Marten, Tricky Dick Barrera and their cronies.

We fully support the San Diego NAACP counter resolution and we strongly urge ALL SDUSD Stakeholders to do the same!!!

Now for our Quote of the Week:

“School choice opponents are also dishonest when they speak of saving public schools. A Heritage Foundation survey found that 47 percent of House members and 51 percent of senators with school-age children enrolled them in private schools in 2001. Public school teachers enroll their children in private schools to a much greater extent than the general public, in some cities close to 50 percent. – Walter E. Williams

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