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San Diego Unified Student Abuse Report Map-Schools On The Student Abuse Report Are Circled.

The San Diego Unified School District Student Abuse Report


There are 44 Videos, News Reports and Legal Documents included in this initial edition of the San Diego Unified School District Student Abuse Report.

District Deeds urges ALL SDUSD Stakeholders to send your news stories  and documentation of abuse cases in the SDUSD to districtdeeds@gmail.com.



NEW 2018 SDUSD/AASD SURVEY RESULTS: SDUSD Principal/Vice Principal/Administrator Workload Survey Says:- “A culture of silence, suspicion and fear…” – SURVEY RESULTS ENCLOSED!!!

Back on October 20, 2017 we posted “BREAKING NEWS!!! San Diego Unified Admin Survey Says: Marten Mismanagement Breaking the Backs of Principals/VP/Central Office Mgrs. with “Completely Unreasonable” Workload – SURVEY RESULTS ENCLOSED!!!”

In that post we provided the 1st San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD)  Administrators Association San Diego (AASD) Workload Survey.  Many of our readers were shocked and dismayed as to how the Superintendent Cindy Marten regime were treating some of our most valuable human resource assets-the Principals, Vice Principals and Central Office Senior Administrators.




COMPLAINT FORMS! San Diego Unified – San Diego County Grand Jury – SDEA – San Diego County Office of Education – California Department of Education – United States Department of Education

District Deeds offers these links to complaint forms from the District to the Federal Level.  Please send us links to any and all forms that you feel will help SDUSD Stakeholders and we will post them here,



Guest Writer Judy Neufeld-Fernandez: San Diego Unified School District Trustee Candidate Q & A Part 2 – Nordstrom vs. McQuary

Dear San Diego Unified Stakeholder,

This guide was created with direct responses to questions posed to both San Diego Unified School District Board of Education incumbent Mike McQuary and challenger Marcia Nordstrom.  Please read below to help you make your decision as a voter to vote in the best interest of students.  Thank you for being an informed voter!

Judy Neufeld-Fernandez – Child Advocate/Educator



Twelve Page San Diego ACLU Letter Exposes San Diego Unified Supt. Cindy Marten and Board of Ed LCAP/LCFF FlimFlam – Letter Enclosed!!!

In a twelve page letter sent to the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) that details 4 distinct ways that the 2018/19 LCAP/LCFF is not compliant with Education Laws, the San Diego ACLU (SD ACLU) has exposed incompetent Superintendent  Cindy Marten and her crony Board of Education Trustee Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, Kevin “Dismissal with Prejudice” Beiser, John “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Evans, Michael “Foggy Bottom” McQuary and Sharon “Flying By The Seat of Our Pants” Payne as the flimflam con artists they are.  Here is the definition from Vocabulary.com:


Now for our Quote of the Week:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

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  • Your family has been injured by the San Diego Unified School District, go to the District Deeds Complaint Forms page to find instructions to fight for your Civil Rights!

Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!

FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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