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Here are some interesting articles we received and discovered this past week in honor of Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s the bill.

Quote from Article:

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate all that mothers do for their children. Quite right, too. Being a mom requires plenty of sacrifice. Mothers also pay a price in terms of their own earnings. Here are some stylized facts about the “motherhood wage penalty:”

  • It is real.
  • There is no corresponding “fatherhood wage penalty.” If anything, men appear to receive an income bump in response to having a child.
  • It reflects, in part, these facts: women are more likely to leave their jobs, reduce their hours, or take on more flexible or less-intensive (and thus lower paid) positions in response to having a child.
  • But a large portion of the penalty is unexplained by job experience and seniority, implying employer discrimination or impacts of motherhood on productivity.


But there is a lot of variation in what researchers mean by the term “penalty.” It can be seen as:

  1. The impact on a mother’s wages at a single point in time, relative to a similar woman who did not have a child. Defined this way, the penalty is about 5 percent of wages per child.
  2. The absolute loss of lifetime earnings as a result of having a child.
  3. The impact of parenthood on the gender wage gap – here, the motherhood penalty refers to the relative impact of having a child on women’s versus men’s wages
  4. The way parenthood deferentially affects spouses’ wages; in other words, the gender wage gap within specific heterosexual couples.

District Deeds Synopsis:

A fantastic article that truly shows the level of and reasons for the parental earnings gap of women though a number of research studies and investigative news articles.  Many links are included and are well worth reading.

Perhaps the most hopeful part of the article is the following passage:

Is there a role for policy here? Given the extremely high costs associated with raising children, and the fact that women bear the brunt of childcare responsibilitiessubsidizing the costs of childcare through the tax system could help. So too could paid parental leave which should encourage parents, and mothers in particular, to remain attached to the labor force while they take time away from work to care for new children. Cultural explanations related to gender norms and employer discrimination will be trickier to tackle, but family-friendly policies such as these can help nudge norms.

Mothers make huge sacrifices for their children. Perhaps the best thanks we can give them this Mother’s Day is to work towards reducing the sacrifices they make in terms of wages, too.

Some great suggestions!

Why is Accountability Always About Teachers?

Quote from Article:

Most education reform efforts focus on what teachers are doing — professional development, new curricula, bonuses and incentives to raise scores, and so on.  All are based on the belief that teachers can teach more effectively if their skills can be improved, their tools can be better, and their efforts can be more energetic.

Teachers are the largest group of staff within the K-12 system, and their skills matter for its performance. But they do not manage or direct the system. Do organizations wanting to improve expect that they can get it done by upskilling only their line-level staff? If Walmart were losing money, would it conclude that management was doing a great job but the floor staff needed professional development? The more natural focus would be on decisions and actions of executives, managers, and senior administrators.

District Deeds Synopsis:

This article hits the nail right on the head…especially as it applies to the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) horrible leadership management style.

Using the Walmart example above it is even worse in the SDUSD because everyone ranked lower in the organization chart than the incompetent, unscrupulous  Superintendent Cindy Marten and her equally inexperienced and overwhelmed senior staff is scrutinized blamed and used as scapegoats for the many erratic administrative and educational initiatives.

Basically SDUSD Principals, Teachers and Support Staff are the “Walmart floor staff that bear the brunt of senior mismanagement decisions.

It is about time Accountability is enforced at the very TOP…starting with Marten and her equally incompetent and corrupt Board of Education trustee cronies –  Richard “Tricky Dick” Barrera, Kevin “Dismissal with Prejudice” Beiser, John “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Evans, Michael “Foggy Bottom” McQuary and Sharon “Flying By The Seat of Our Pants” Payne!

20 Judgments a Teacher Makes in 1 Minute and 28 Seconds

Quote from Article:

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, an expert in elementary school math instruction and professor of education at the University of Michigan, still teaches in the classroom, in part for research purposes. She recently counted the frequent judgment calls a teacher is asked to make during the course of the day. Some are about instruction. Many more concern student behavior.

In a one-minute 28-second period that was filmed in her classroom, Loewenberg Ball counted 20 separate micro moments when she had to decide how to react. She calls them “discretionary spaces,” and in a lecture at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in April 2018, Loewenberg Ball put a scientist’s microscope on discretionary space #19 to give us all a lesson in how racism and sexism unintentionally creep into the classroom.

Click on the video to see the short classroom scene, which begins at 1:23:05.

District Deeds Synopsis:

The article and video clearly illustrate the incredibly difficult job it is to be an excellent Teacher…which is why we should not reserve our thanks for a single day or a single week of the year.  I surmise that this same challenge is presented to Mothers and Fathers every single day.  Being able to effectively and successfully listen, interpret, strategize and implement the optimal response to a widely diverse Student population on a minute to minute basis is a challenge that would be difficult to accomplish by the highest paid CEO in the world…but excellent Teachers and Parents do it every single day.

An extremely insightful article and video that presents a challenge to not only teachers, but all of us, to listen and respond carefully and thoughtfully when presented with teaching opportunities with our Students and our Children.

District Deeds wishes all Mothers and Teachers the happiest of days today…


Now for our Quote of the Week:

“A child’s first teacher is its mother.”  – Peng Liyuan


Have a great week!!!



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