The Superintendent Cindy Marten mismanagement disaster continues!

Today District Deeds had a comment posted on our article from April 5, 2018 titled “SDUSD Prop S Taxpayer $2.1 Billion Con Job…Students Must Wait 60 Days for Computer Repairs…Official Doc Enclosed!!!

The comment from a former San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Integrated Technology Support Department (IT) employee named “Tech” exposed issues that we did not include in our article regarding computer and technical equipment funded by Prop S.

Since this important comment was added to a past article that may be missed by our readers, we felt it was necessary to highlight its valuable message.

Here is the comment:

I just came across this blog. I am one of the 17 support technicians whose jobs were eliminated. This is very distressing to me, personally. I prided myself in responding to the classroom technology trouble calls well within the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and usually much sooner. Because I was there for the implementation of all the classroom equipment sets, I could anticipate issues that might crop up while I was at a site, thus preventing future problems. Much of our work was done preventively, before a teacher even had to call. And I’m not sure that they even realized the extent to which we worked to keep things running smoothly. It seems that all my years of experience, knowledge and expertise was wasted (multiply that x 16 other techs), along with the astounding amount of tax payer money spent on the technology. I had genuine love for my teachers, students and staff and was there for them and to give them the tools necessary for their success. So Sad.

District Deeds neglected to address two items brought up by “Tech”.

First of all, the issue of Preventative Maintenance for thousands of computer related devices for a huge organization like the SDUSD is a critical operational consideration,  Based on the new SLA’s we exposed, Preventative Maintenance is being COMPLETELY ignored by the inexperienced senior leadership headed by incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten.

Secondly, the comment shows the depth of human resource damage this horrible budgeting decision has wreaked.

A dedicated smart, and caring IT tech who was fully committed to supporting the education of Students and the effectiveness of Teachers was thrown away.  “Tech” was reduced to only a number in the frantic budgeting decisions in the face of a $124 million budget mismanagement disaster created by “No Mercy” Marten.

This is NOT the way an organization with over a BILLION dollar budget should be managed and clearly shows the depth and breadth of the ongoing disaster of appointing Marten improperly 4 years ago.

Thank you “Tech” for your comment…we are sure that with your skills and dedication some lucky employer in San Diego is already benefitting from your ability.

THANK YOU for your contributions to our Students and Teachers success!

GOOD LUCK in all your future career endeavors!   



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