The Annual SDUSD Board of Education “SEPTEMBER CORRUPTION SCAM”: Cede Absolute Power to Incompetent Supt. Cindy Marten TONIGHT!!!


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Marten and Barrera

Cindy and Richie in Happy Times!

Through enacting new “Worst Practices” right before the November Election, the current crony San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board of Education will effectively hand over all their responsibility and governance with no oversight just in time to incompetent Superintendent Cindy Marten TONIGHT in a “Special Session” Board Meeting..

To give our new readers some background…

Almost exactly a year ago on September 23, 2015, we posted “Trustee Foster/Supt. Marten Scandal-SDUSD Special Closed Session Recap – SUPT. MARTEN GIVEN THE SLIP!!!” describing the results of a “Closed Special Session” that the Board strategized how to get corrupt former Trustee Marne Foster off the legal hook while also protecting corrupt Superintendent Cindy Marten from any disciplinary action for improperly carrying out operationally the orders of Foster against board rules.

We described how the San Diego Grand Jury proved that Foster and Marten were BOTH guilty….but while ONLY Marne Foster was punished…Marten was “Given the Slip”.


Since then there has been:

  • A FAKE “Outreach” campaign created by Andrew “Body Wash up on Shore” Sharp

  • A FAKE Quality Assurance office used as a “pipeline” to the SDUSD Legal Department to subvert the rights of Teachers, Students, Families and all SDUSD Stakeholders.

  • And soon, a FAKE “FACE” (Family and Community Engagement) Department to help spread even MORE District Propaganda and distract SDUSD Stakeholders from ongoing inappropriate SDUSD actions.

The untruthful Marten should have called it the “TWO FACE” Department!!!

As usual for this corrupt San Diego Unified leadership, the meeting was scheduled with little fanfare, using an off week agenda sent late last Friday.

It is not on the “Revised Schedule of Public Meetings” approved on July 26, 2016 below:


A few last minute schedule adjustments and VOILA!  

The Annual SDUSD Board of Education “September Scam” was underway!

In the “Worst Practices document, Item 3 – Board Governance, is described as follows:

RECOMMENDATION: Board Trustees and Superintendent Marten will discuss governance issues.

Here is the document:


Again…as usual…most of the communication by the Board and Superintendent was intentionally unintelligible.  For example:

Board members will forward concerns they have received to the Superintendent, Chief of Staff, and Board Services Director. Board member to do one email with issue to Superintendent, COF, BSD, and another separate email to originator stating the issues has been referred to the appropriate staff. Staff will connect and provide information to the board member and contact the originator or board member to reconnect with originator, whichever the board member chooses. – SDUSD “Best Practices 1st Bullet


Who emails who and when and how?!?

Simply unintelligible…and ridiculous.

The next part of the September Governance scam is…believe it or not…to put Andrew “Body Wash Up on Shore” Sharp in charge of a FAKE “Best Practices” initiative.


How DUMB does the SDUSD Board of Education and Superintendent Marten think we are?!?

And where in the heck did they come up with these RIDICULOUS “Best Practices”.

There are many things in the above document that defy logic.  Primarily there are the responsibilities of “Andrew”.

  • Andrew to develop Fast Facts for 2016-17 Goals and Objectives

  • Andrew to prepare and distribute communication to all staff re Supt single point of direction, board may contact, but if you feel a board member is directing staff or displays unprofessional behavior to a staff member, ….fraud hotline to report any incidents, can be anonymous if individual prefers..

Andrew prepare “Communication”?!?



Friendly “Body Wash Up On Shore” Andrew Sharp


District Deeds suggests that only rampant corruption at the highest management levels could explain why Sharp was entrusted with preparing and distributing the “Supt. Single Point of Direction” instead of being fired for suggesting that a Reporter’s body could “wash up on shore” if they didn’t cooperate and spread the SDUSD propaganda correctly like their agreeable reporters/press secretaries at the San Diego Union Tribune (Magee) and San Diego Channel 7/39 (Devine).

The second item…an even LARGER corrupt action in these “Worst Practices”…is that with the “Supt Single Point of Direction” there is ABSOLUTELY NO OVERSIGHT of the incompetent Superintendent Marten when she colludes improperly with a single Board Member…just like she did with MARNE FOSTER and WAS NOT PUNISHED!

And all this while we STILL have NOT seen a performance evaluation for Supt. Marten FOR TWO YEARS!!!


As we described in our analysis, The San Diego Grand Jury recommended the following:

Recommendation 15·34:  Establish the position of Ombudsman as part of a newly  developed independent confidential process for  all  employees to report and resolve complaints in the district without fear of reprisals.

Instead, the corrupt Board and Superintendent decided to enact a NON independent, NON confidential process to “report and resolve complaints” with the FAKE Community Relations Department “Hotline” that subverts the legal rights of Stakeholders and is a pipeline to the SDUSD legal department which PROTECTS the Superintendent, the Board and the District from justifiable lawsuits…and picked the warm and personable “Body Wash up on Shore” Andrew to distribute it!


But what else could we expect from this corrupt Superintendent and Board?

Just more of the same!


Come and Visit the DISTRICT DEEDS BOOTH at Voice of San Diego “POLITIFEST” this Saturday, 9/24/16!!!


  • Your family has been injured by the San Diego Unified School District, go to the District Deeds Complaint Forms page to find instructions to fight for your Civil Rights!

Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders! 

FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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