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The community and former high-level Administrators of the San Diego Unified School District are speaking out on the handling of the Lincoln High School Altercation between Students and both the SDUSD and the San Diego Police Departments.

As District Deeds promised in our previous post  titled “MARTEN & DUMANIS: RELEASE ALL THE LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL ALTERCATION VIDEOS NOW!”, we honored the NAACP by NOT revealing the resolutions from their meeting to allow NAACP President Dr. Andre’ Branch,  to formally state the position of its members and the community regarding the Lincoln altercation.

In the broadcast this past Sunday, March 6, 2016, in the weekly 2:00 pm NAACP Show on KBLK.COM, Dr. Branch was able to clearly explain the position of the organization.

Here is the recording from the KBLK.COM radio show:

KBLK Interview with NAACP San Diego President Andre Branch 

From that interview, 4 immediate resolutions were requested of Supt. Cindy Marten and San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis by the San Diego NAACP Membership.

  1. The District Attorney will drop ALL charges against the Students.

  2. No Armed or Uniformed Police Officers should be at Lincoln High School…PERIOD.

  3. The Video of the incident be released immediately.

  4. No punitive actions should be taken against the Students until the video is released.

    – Dr. Andre’ Branch – President NAACP – San Diego Branch

Pretty clear directions to Supt. Marten and D.A. Dumanis from the NAACP!

The following two letters were hand delivered to Dr. Branch at the NAACP Meeting by District Deeds.

These perspectives from highly respected and credentialed former SDUSD Administrators give all of us a unique insight into the disastrous administrative management of Superintendent Marten:


To whom it may concern:

I have never seen so blatant levels of incompetence in running a district as demonstrated by Supt Cindy Marten. Cindy stated upon assuming office that as Lincoln goes, so goes the district. Such self-fulfilling prophecy. SDUSD under Cindy’s leadership has become a place of intolerance, hostility, fear and gross incompetence. She hires staff members who do not know their jobs. However, because they are beholding to her, she keeps them in place.

The worst practice in Cindy’s administration is her determination to live a luxurious lifestyle on the backs of kids of color. Lincoln High School had a very strong leader who got the school back on track, focused on academics and thriving. In order to keep her position, she lined herself up with a corrupt board member and the union, and got rid of the principal. Cindy then tried to malign the principal to keep people from showing an interest in uncovering her lies. The result of that move is a school in chaos and, a place where students are taught intolerance and hatred. I often wonder what would happen if she reached out to this individual. That is leadership.  

Leadership is also recognizing one’s mistake and correcting the mistake. Cindy will not do this because she is intentionally callous. Leadership is also recognizing what was missed and rectifying the problem. That is too much to ask because Cindy is not a leader. She is a tyrant. She has no skills and thrives on bullying people, resorting to intimidation and fear. The only way the students in SDUSD especially district E will be saved is if Cindy is removed from office. She form unholy alliances and thrives on deceit. Of course, her child will never attend Lincoln so why care? She has lied enough and committed enough blunders… just take a look at District Deeds website.

Not all money is good money.  For $330,000 a year in income, SDUSD can do a whole lot better. The Superintendent before her made $250,000.

The community needs to stand up to her and demand her resignation for toying with the lives of children especially children of color. She is covertly racist… look at her cabinet and those she has fired.

Cindy Marten is grossly incompetent. The only solution is that she be removed from office along with the Board members keeping her in there. What does it cost to impeach a person? She lies and covers up. That is what got Nixon. It should be no different for her.

Thank you,

A Former San Diego Unified Senior Administrator from the Lincoln Community

And here is a letter hand delivered by District Deeds to Dr. Branch from former SCPA Principal Mitzi Lizarraga:


Dear Dr Branch,

The unfortunate situation at Lincoln High School is directly linked to Cindy Marten’s complete lack of understanding, lack of knowledge, and the poor decisions she had made during her ignominious failure as Superintendent.   Her tenure reminds me of the Los Desaparecidos period in Argentina when people simply disappeared.  Marten has removed a record number of experienced administrators, and silenced and emasculated the current group of principals.  With the approaching March 15th deadline to notify administrators of a possible reassignment for the following school year, I predict that all vice principals and numerous principals will receive a letter to inform them of a possible reassignment next year due to leadership issues or the district’s desire to take the school in a different direction (leadership and new direction are never specifically defined).   What a great way to continue with the low morale of school administrators and to appoint her lap-dog cronies.

Marten’s approach with high schools has created long-lasting disadvantages for our Lincoln students to compete academically, socially, and creatively in our ever-changing global world.  My heart hurts for the students at Lincoln.  While elected and appointed officials take credit for moving Lincoln forward, when you pullback the OZ curtain, evidence suggests that Lincoln continues to struggle, the school hasn’t changed much in several years, and the students are sick and tired of the disparities they encounter every day.  The recent Lincoln incident was brewing for a long time.  You can never keep the voices silent.

Wholesale improvements are needed with the nation’s 20th largest school district.
Our San Diego children and families need a new Superintendent.  Marten should do the right thing and resign.  San Diego deserves a Superintendent with demonstrated high school experiences and with a non-vindictive approach.  This November the people of San Diego should elect new board members who will appoint a new Superintendent.

Mitzi Yates Lizarraga
Former SCPA Principal 2007-2014

District Deeds respects the opinions of all of these strong advocates for Student safety and achievement and hope that something EVEN MORE HARMFUL does not injure Students, Staff, or the Police Officers on campus due to the TOTALLY dysfunctional operational leadership of Superintendent Cindy Marten with the APPROVAL of Board Members Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans,  Michael McQuary and Sharon Payne.

Only one solution remains in the hands of those SDUSD Board Members to prevent further injuries and damage…

Fire Cindy Marten!

Please click the following link to sign the Petition:


If anything of the recent events nationally by violence between the police and the community has been learned, NO Justice can be served by covering up the video.




Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!


FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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