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On February 26, 2016 there was a serious altercation between Lincoln High School Students and both San Diego Unified Police Officers and the San Diego Police Department.

As usual, incompetent San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten blundered her way through the incident, initially PROMISING that the full videos would be released:

Surveillance Video of Lincoln High School Fight to Be Released, SDUSD Superintendent Cindy Marten Says

Marten said surveillance video of the incident exists, which she will fight to release it as soon as possible. A school spokeswoman said school police are working with SDPD and the San Diego County District Attorney’s office to determine when the video can be released, and she imagined it would be “next week some time.”  – San Diego Channel 7/39 – February 28, 2016

Obviously Marten, AS USUAL, had no clue as to when the Video would be released and was just pandering to the Lincoln Community with false promises and misdirection about the video release.

A week later, Marten CONTINUED to misdirect the Lincoln Community by going on the record that no student will be expelled according to KPBS

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten said Friday no students will be expelled as a result of a February 26 brawl at Lincoln High School. – KPBS – March 4, 2016

What Marten NEGLECTED to say is what she told the San Diego Unified Police Officers.

In a document supplied to District Deeds by a high place SDUSD Official, the following assurances by Marten to the Police Officers Association was detailed:

As a result of a press conference held today where Superintendent Marten was present, the media is reporting that students will not be expelled. In a sense, that is true. But it is also true that no student that has harmed any staff member has been expelled, especially in the last two years.

The Uniformed Disciplinary Plan was redone two years ago when the Ed Code pertaining to suspension was rewritten. The Ed Code added to the language regarding the assault or battery on a school employee that the district may use alternative discipline in lieu of expulsion. Since the change, there have not been students expelled for this action. 

We, the POA, have pushed hard to make certain the district treats this incident like all others and does not fall to the political pressure of taking it easy on those who hurt one of our members. Cindy Marten told us she would support our member and is keeping to that. None of those involved and arrested will return to Lincoln.

As you know, the district has to play the political game to make as many people happy as they can to keep the peace. Over the weekend, decisions will be made as to where these individuals will get their education, such as on line, ALBA, Charter or other alternative sites. The Superintendent has committed to keeping us in the loop, and for the most part she has via the Chief or she has directly kept us informed.

I have spoken with Abdi and he understands where we are and appreciates all the support he has received from all of you.

– San Diego Schools Police Officers Association       

In other words, Marten is telling the Community that:

“We are giving our students access to the education they deserve so that their futures remain bright.” Cindy Marten – KPBS – Marcn 4, 2016

Implying that everything for the Students is rosy and they will be back at Lincoln High School soon. while telling the San Diego School Police Officers Association JUST THE OPPOSiTE!

None of those involved and arrested will return to Lincoln.” – Quote from SDSPOA

Many community Members were tricked by Marten, including one that praised her for her “very positive and courageous position” not realizing that what she was saying was just another of her long list of lies to the Lincoln Community and to ALL the SDUSD Stakeholders.



After publishing this post highlighting the statement by the SDSPOA, one of our readers disputed the statement that ” But it is also true that no student that has harmed any staff member has been expelled, especially in the last two years.”

It looks like Superintendent Marten who supposedly “has committed to keeping us in the loop, and for the most part she has via the Chief or she has directly kept us informed.” actually LIED to the Chief if she told him that  “it is also true that no student that has harmed any staff member has been expelled, especially in the last two years.”

Here is the proof:


And here:

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So there were actually TWO expulsions in the last few months for “Assault on a School Employee”.

Apparently to cover up her action to publicly state that she would NOT expel the students at Lincoln, Supt Marten justified it by telling the SDSPOA that there had been none for assault on a school employee for 2 years!




NONE of this is taking into account the effect the Marten mismanagement and blundering has caused the Teachers and Administrators at School Sites.  Here is a letter we received from one of them:

District Deeds – 

I am writing this letter because I am totally disgusted by today’s turn of events; How can Superintendent Cindy Marten take a “strong stance” regarding the fate of two students charged in the beating of a campus officer at Lincoln High School without knowing all the facts? Why is Martin speaking about this without a complete full investigation? Why is Superintendent Marten making a decision with regards to the students not facing expulsion when even San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is still reviewing the case?

I am a seasoned administrator with the San Diego Unified School District. I have been with the district over (redacted) years. This turn of events frightens me to the core. Years ago, at another school district, I was assaulted by a group of students. Unfortunately, this was prior to cameras being installed on campuses. I was beaten and no student was ever suspended or faced expulsion. Do you know how hard it was to return to campus each day?

California Education Code 48915 requires the superintendent of schools to recommend the expulsion of a pupil for causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense. Yes, Superintendent Cindy Marten can recommend an alternative means of correction to address the conduct. However, I believe serious consequences need to happen when someone is assaulted on a school campus and the injured party is admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.

I wonder what Marten is going to do when the video finally comes out and she possibly discovers that the students intentionally attacked the officer? How can she backtrack on the statements she made to the press today? Based on what Marten said today, the students will receive “community service” for their assault on a police officer.

I know how I feel about this unfortunate incident. I wonder how other San Diego Unified District staff are going to feel when they discover they can be physically assaulted on a school campus and the student will receive “punishment in the form of community service or suspension”.

In a day and age where there a cell phones and district cameras practically covering most campus areas,  I find it hard to believe that Superintendent Cindy Marten does not know exactly what transpired on that campus. This makes me think that Cindy is straddling the fence and not wanting to anger a vocal community. Please understand I am part of that community, but I am also a San Diego Unified School District staff as well.

The truth will eventually come out . Whatever the truth may be, there will be a day of reckoning for Cindy Marten. I say this with every fiber in my body. For I totally believe Cindy Marten drew a big target on every San Diego Unified School District staff member’s back today and told everyone It is ok to assault a staff member or a student on any campus and receive “community service”. She set a precedent that we all are going to have to live with.

So Cindy Marten has lied to the Community and the Police and betrayed the safety and trust of ALL the SDUSD employees on school sites.

All because she does not know how to deal with a crisis that she created by removing a highly credentialed and skilled Principal Dr. Esther Omogbehin and replacing her with a well-meaning, inexperienced PrincipaL…AND NOT PROVIDING HIM WITH ENOUGH SUPPORT…AND putting ALL the Staff and Students at risk.

Based on all the messages, notes and news reports received by District Deeds, the FIRST STEP REQUIRED is to RELEASE ALL RELATED VIDEOS so ALL the Stakeholders can see what actually happened

To that end, District Deeds has created a Petition you can sign to send a message to Superintendent Cindy Marten and San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis:

Please click the following link to sign the Petition:


If anything of the recent events nationally by violence between the police and the community has been learned, NO Justice can be served by covering up the video.




Please Click the Link Below and sign the Petition Today and READ the COMMENTS to Support the REMOVAL of Marten by SDUSD Stakeholders!


FIRE San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten Immediately!

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